Travelling Around Vietnam With Trains

Travelling around different places or countries and getting to know them would be an amazing experience to remember. Being a tourist, there are many things to see and enjoy when we travel especially their food, culture, scenery and attraction places are all very important thing to enjoy and learn during the visit.If you ever get the chance travelling to Vietnam, never missed out on the chance to go on their most attractions places like Ha Long Bay, Thien Mu Pagoda, Hoan Kiem Lake and many others but it will be a pity if you are in very exciting mood to travel but stuck in a massive traffic.

vietnam trainWhat about travelling around Vietnam with trains? It is more exciting and Vietnam Local Company which is familiar and known as Dan Viet Travel provides quality travel services to the tourists. Dan Viet Travel is located in Hanoi, Vietnam and this company has been established since 2004. Dan Viet Travel has expanded along the rapid growth of tourism in Vietnam. Over the last 8 years, Dan Viet Travel has been providing quality and exclusive Vietnam travel services to tourist worldwide. With the deep experience and skills in this industry, Dan Viet is constantly improving their services and staffs to give you beautiful pictures of Vietnamese culture, people and country. Dan Viet Travel has built a great travel network all over the country and will provide you the best trip as well as travel services when visiting Vietnam.

With the service provided by Dan Viet Travel, you don’t have to worry about the train schedule. You can check it online at their website. There are various types of trains and each has its specifications and surely one will meet your needs! Dan Viet Travel put the trains into 6 categories: trains from Hanoi, trains from Ninh Binh, trains from Hue, trains from Da Nang, trains from NhaTrang and trains from Saigon which will depart on time to their respective destinations.

Other than that, there are also different kinds of trains to Sapa like Tulico Expresss Train, Pumpkin Express Train, Orient Express Train, Hara Express Train, Fanxipan Express Train and Livitrans Express Train. All of these offer a variety of service features from which you can choose as you desire. Plus, there is also a train where it can take you to Beijing from Hanoi!

Make your travelling in Vietnam easier and more comfortable by taking trains provided by Dan Viet Travel.

Visit to check on their offers and their train’s schedule.

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