The Thrill of Spending a Honeymoon on a Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is one of the major tourist destinations in the world. It not only offers an opportunity for the tourists visiting for holidays but for those coming on business as well. One of the things that it is famous for is the Dubai desert safari. This is simply an experience that all are welcome to try; it is exciting and memorable. The question that one might ask is whether it is an appropriate way to spend your honeymoon. The answer is yes because the whole experience can be designed to suit any type of tourist. If you are travelling as a group of friends or family, the desert safari Dubai has specific activities that you can enjoy as a group. This also applies to a couple on a honeymoon.

A honeymoon is a special trip for the couple. It should be both romantic and fun. It is imperative that the couple enjoy their honeymoon because it is their first trip as a married couple. This is their time to get to enjoy each other’s company away from everybody. The mood, setting and whole trip should be able to reflect that. If you are planning for a desert safari in Dubai as your honeymoon then it is advisable to start planning early. You should also get the services of a tour company so that they can help you with the itinerary. When planning a honeymoon everything should be special from the car that you use to the room that you book to spend the nights while on the trip. Getting a honeymoon suite is necessary but you should ensure that you get a room that suits your tastes. Desert safari Dubai is never dull so you can be sure that you will enjoy the whole trip.

As a couple, you can enjoy fun activities like sand boarding or dune bashing while on Dubai desert safari. This is fun and challenging. The desert also offers a magnificent view during sunset that you can enjoy with your spouse. The view is breathtaking and watching it with someone you love is simply romantic. This is definitely one of the things to look forward to while on desert safari in Dubai. You must not miss the camel riding as a couple. For females, getting your body painted with henna is an experience. The intricate designs painted on your skin will make you look beautiful for your groom. While enjoying this view, you will be served a romantic dinner that includes delicious gourmet meals. You will also get an opportunity to enjoy Arabic sweets and fresh fruits.

The entertainment that Dubai desert safari offers includes performances from belly dancers and the tanoura dance. Belly dancers do not perform during Ramadan; therefore, you might not get the opportunity to enjoy the performance if your desert safari in Dubai falls during this time. It is important to capture memories through photography and this trip will offer you a lot of sceneries and places that you can take photos with your spouse.

Ishrat Ali Khan is the author of this article on Desert Safari Dubai. 

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