The Reputed Mediterranean Paradise with Balearic Islands

The beautiful island group of Balearic Islands comprises several islands that are categorized into 2 parts; the Gimnesias of the north and the Pitiusas of the south west. Gimnesias comprises the islands of Mallorca, Cabrera and Menorca while Pitiusas comprises the islands of Formentera and Ibiza.

Sunshine beckoning

The excellent Mediterranean climate of 300 days of sunshine in a year draws hundreds of thousands to the lovely sandy beaches of the Balearic Islands every year especially in the summer. There is a rich culture with a colorful history and warm hospitality at these islands that set them as one of the favorite Spanish holiday destinations.

The warm sunshine allows one to get the desired tan easily with the vast beaches which are clean and safe. There are plenty of water sports which holidaymakers can indulge in with the availability of modern amenities and facilities at the beach side. The available water sports include snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, surfing and others.

Hence, it is not surprising to have more passengers arriving at the Palma de Mallorca airport than other airports in Spain.

Repeated visits

Visitors to the Balearic Islands are bound to return for repeated visits to enjoy more of the wonderful offerings from the various islands. Island hopping is popular to discover the beauty and serenity of islands in the cluster.

Many visitors have fallen in love with one or more of the Balearic Islands that they have opted to secure a second home at their favorite island while others have made this spot their permanent home. The different and exciting personality of every island is sufficient to lure holidaymakers into an intimate holiday even if it is just lazing out on the beach the whole day.


Another interesting lure of the Balearic Islands is the festive activities through its fiestas and traditions. There is a rich scope of archaic traditions that are widely celebrated and in grand style. Fiestas in the Balearic Islands are very colorful with a lot of pomp and style that draws the visitors as it does the locals for a total indulgence.

There are many types of fiestas that are widely celebrated in the respective islands of the Balearic cluster. Some of the more revered fiestas celebrated here include the 3 Magi procession fiesta, the Semana Santa or Easter week, the Jazz festival in July, the San Juan festival, the Apostle Santiago fiesta and other festivals held in honor of various saints and local heroes of the past.

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