The most popular commuting choice of Miami- water taxis

Within a short span of time, Miami city has become  an international tourism hot spot where people from every corner of the world drop in for a fun–filled yet relaxing holiday. Most of the tourists who come here, either prior or during their visit want to take a water cab or water taxi ride. There are many reasons for hopping onto a water taxi:

First, these water taxis provide easy movement on the sea. The best part is that these can be booked even before you land in Miami. The water taxi can also be chartered for holding a private party aboard.

Second, the water taxis can accommodate about 40 passengers in one go so, you can enjoy the ride on the Miami waters with your groups of friends. The service provider can also make necessary arrangements if someone from the group gets sick or is physically disabled and might require assistanct. However, it is advisable to confirm about such arrangements with the service provider prior to hiring.

The water taxi network is well connected and takes you to all the important tourist destination of the city such as marina beach area, Bayside market place, downtown area and much more. A number of water taxi providers also offer the city guides, so that the tourists can explore the city and get briefed about the places that can be reached by a water taxi. This makes the water taxi a convenient mode of transport in Miami as compared to the car or bus service. Additionally, many water taxi companies offer the tickets to Miami’s attractions at reduced prices.

Apart from this, you can make use of the hop on and hop off service of the water taxi service which allows you to get off at any stops of the water taxi and explore it at your pace and on the next round you can board the water taxi. This is one of the best features of the water taxi as it helps you to spend a considerable amount of time in your preferred spot be it the beach side, shopping through the closest stores or simply sipping a drink at the trendiest restaurants.

The water taxi offers the tourists with all kinds of passes which further adds to the benefit of opting for this low price commuting mode. Depending on the water taxi provider you choose you can get a family passes, weekend passes, round trip passes, single trip passes and for the locals the buying the resident passes are a good option.

Author Bio:- This is a article is wirttern by Miss Claudia Carbis who is a travel & destination writer . She writes on a travel destination related topics with a special focus on  &  about Miami Water Taxi.

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