The Breezy Island of Menorca

Menorca Island is a special island that is full of legends that make up its heartbeat and culture. One of the legends is that the winds that blow across Menorca can transform the residents’ personality. This is how visitors to Menorca Island become enthralled with the place to return repeatedly with some making the island their permanent home.


Although Menorca may not be the larger island in the Balearic Islands cluster, its characteristics are outstanding. It is deemed to sport a most unique and strong personality which makes it stand out against the other islands of the Balearic cluster.

The Romans called Menorca a ‘minor’ island for its smaller size compared to Mallorca, the ‘major’ island. Menorca sports an unadulterated interior that is appreciated by environmentalists and nature lovers. There are interesting historical remains to be discovered at leisure.

Beaches on Menorca are long stretches with fine soft sand and plenty of sun as well as shade. Lonely bays on the island stretch 216 kilometers with a host of ideal holiday resorts for all with different expectations and budgets.

The tranquil atmosphere puts almost any visitor at ease on the island to be thoroughly relaxed and refreshed without the need of a Spa facility.

Town offerings

Menorca has many quaint and interesting towns such as Mahón and Ciutadella; the former is commonly known as Maó while the latter Ciudadela. Each has its own unique cultural traditions and traditions.

Mahón is the capital of Menorca Island with 20000 residents. Its buildings sport obvious British-influenced architecture as it was once under the British Empire. The local port is the best in the world after Pearl Harbor while there is an interesting aquarium that showcases many rich Mediterranean fauna and flora.

The Ateneo Científico y Literario showcases a huge collection of historical maps, fossils and ceramic articles for public references. The Santa Maria Church becomes a historical monument with an ancient Baroque organ while the San Francisco Church functions also as a convent that sports a remarkable Neo-romantic portal. The local Military museum showcases many interesting military pieces that have been used in the past with a special room that has been dedicated to King Charles III.

A lot of pre-historical remnants are found in Menorca that showcases the history of the island and region. South of Mahón is Trepucó where a lot of pre-historical cultures have been identified and conserved. History buffs would love Menorca for the rich historical education it offers any time.

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