Jim Corbett Park – Stay in Luxury and Unfurl the Natural Beauty

The Corbett national is spread over the area of 520 square kilometers approximately. This park is situated in Nanital district in Uttaranchal state and it is the first park to be known as national park. When you want to unfurl be it alone or with the family, Jim Corbett resort is the perfect destination to relax enjoy and watch the rarest of the rare species. The overwhelming flora and fauna, presence of wild exotic animals and the attractive Jim Corbett tour packages make this place more happing and lively. So when you are tired from the day long wandering in search of your best pictures taken here, you can relax at the resort in Corbett national park equipped with all the necessary facilities.

National Park

sfbRoyal tigers roar to make their presence felt and birds can detect the movement of any preacher even in night. This is the oldest national park and you can explore this place with the right amount of patience. Ramganga is flowing through it and thus many animals and birds can be pictured here.

Points to remember

While visiting a national park one must read about the dos and don’ts to ascertain that we don’t miss anything and we don’t get indulged in any prohibited activity. It is also the duty of organizers of Jim Corbett tours to make the tourists aware of this. Recently a group of animal lovers visited the national park were found to violate the regulations by bathing in the pure and clean water of Ramganga. They were caught and were fined for Rs. 31000 and were expelled from the Jim Corbett National Park. So, take a note of what is allowed and what is not. Blowing horn, walking on foot and many other things are not prohibited. This is required to maintain the serenity and the natural ambiance of this place. Man made noise might distract the animals and disturb the natural habitat.


Resort in Corbett National Park provides a complete list of services which one could need to rejuvenate the inner self be it spa, steam bath or sauna. Visitors can retire on their beds and get up early in the morning by birds singing and to give you the feeling of the wild, these resorts are situated in the national park. Jim Corbett resort offers swimming pool, conference hall, mouth watering delicacies and also arrange jungle safaris on back of an elephant. You can also opt for other activities like nature walk, cultural events, local sightseeing and adventure activities. Medical help is also available in case you need it.

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