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If someone is planning to move overseas and get a car on rent or borrow it while he is there, there is something he needs to do before leaving the US. Now he must get an international driving license to accompany his Unites States state-issued driver’s license. If one searches on the term “IDL” on internet he will find plenty of traveller comments about this topic. There are only few places authorized for getting an international drivers license in United States.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, IDL sold and issued by most of the organization to U.S. residents are bogus and could cause problems with local authorities if someone is caught driving with one.

What’s an IDL?

The International Driver Document or International Driver’s License issued by IDL Service is an official translation of a national or domestic driver’s license, which allows motorist to drive in different territories without experiencing difficulties with various language barriers. This International Driver’s License, however, is valid only with the original driver’s license, which must be currently valid and not suspended or expired. The International Drivers License also indicates that the person is a holder of a valid drivers license from his home country, fulfilling the right for a person to drive in another country when accompanied by an original and valid driver’s license.
International Driving Permit can be used as identification in most places worldwide. It is common if a police officer for some reason stops you, or you need identification, you can present both documents – the IDL and your valid driver’s license that will be in the appropriate language, or at least can be understood. Travel officials in Europe and other parts of the world state that International Driving License is advised for most countries. In many countries worldwide, you are unable to rent a car unless you have this document. While the IDL is not a requirement for driving in some countries, it is still great advantage for a motorist.

What does an official IDP look like?

An official IDL is a gray, multi-page booklet with “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” printed at the top of the cover. For security cause, a plastic card with a size of credit card accompanies the booklet, which also extends driver’s identity information. To avoid any forgery – every plastic card is covered by our Security Shield Hologram which protects and prolongs the life of the card eliminating any possibility of counterfeiting. Each plastic card has newly developed 2D barcode (PDF417) which contains encrypted information and is fully readable by police scanners.
Fake IDL are being sold over the Internet, through unsolicited email and in person. If someone buys a fake IDP, not only he will be paying for a worthless document, he could also face legal problems or travel delays if he is detained for using it to drive in a foreign country. So go for an authentic agency like IDL Service to get an International Drivers License so that you can enjoy your travel with safety.

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