Hotels Across India Offering Heavy Monsoon Discounts

hotelsHotel bookings in monsoon season always decline and to change this trend of downfall, hotels across the country are prepared beforehand. To attract visitors, hotels have started offering discounts on hotel booking and services. This discount varies from one city to other and is being offered between July to September. Hotels at Agra, Jaipur, Goa, and Bangalore are among the first to offer such discounts, and it is expected that soon others will too.

According to industry experts, it is a win-win situation for both tourists and hotels. The former can save a fortune on bookings while the letter can also reduce the losses during monsoons. The statistics show that hotels in Goa and Kerala register a record visit of 85% during this monsoon season and whereas at others like hotels in Delhi NCR are witnessing a sharp decline that is estimated around 50%. So, these statistics clearly prove an old saying that is ‘an early bird gets the warm and rests keep staring at its face’.

Some professionals in the industry also feel that the slowdown in the hotel industry is attributed to the present status of India’s economy. And, whenever we see this trend it directly impacts the spending pattern of customers and thereby the tourists prefer budget hotels. As per a study conducted by Federation of Hotels and Restaurant Association of India, the percentage of booking in hotels of Delhi has dropped sharply by some 5% and the prices of tariffs going down below 12 percent approximately. One can simply book a luxury hotel in August in New Delhi for as low as price of Rs. 8,000 at present. This fall has been seen as a massive decline when compared to the price of yesteryear that was around Rs. 16,000.

Among the other places, Goa and Kerala are the top runners in terms of hotel bookings, where tourists from overseas are coming in great numbers. But rests of the cities are facing tremendous pressure over this massive slide in the number of visitors. The situation of these hotels doesn’t seem to be improving at least this monsoon season. It is not certain when this situation is going to get better, but the tourists from India and overseas are taking full benefits of this windfall gain. And if you too are planning to go for vacations and sight seeing, this is the right time to embark on your journey and make the most of this opportunity.

Indeed, with the shrink in the prices of hotels, people those who have been planning to go on a vocation for long can easily opt among several options of places to visit. For someone who likes to explore the beaches can go to places like Goa; people longing for clean and green city with beautiful lakes can visit God’s own country Kerala; people with liking for vibrant and vivid life can go to 3 star hotels in Delhi, and people with liking of royal lifestyle can go to budget hotels in Jaipur etc.

Author’s Bio: Hariom Balhara is an avid traveler; he makes his living out of travelling and writing. While writing this piece he was staying in one of the hotels in Karol Bagh. Whenever he comes to New Delhi he stays in this very hotel.

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