Enjoying the Best of Spanish Fiestas

Spain is a host of delightful fiestas which attract the crowd throughout the year as the fiestas happen throughout the year. Hence, it is always very festive in Spain with some fiesta being celebrated by the locals. The tourists join in the festivity as if they were the locals with open arms by the locals. The Spaniards love a great celebration anytime; fiestas in Spain can run for several days.

Special fiestas

Salamanca is one of the great Spanish towns which enjoy many traditional festivals throughout the year. The Carnival in Ciudad Rodrigo is celebrated as festively as the famous Sanfermines festival in Pamplona where bulls run through the local town streets to the town bull ring. There are plenty of amateur-toreros who are willing to test their courage in the event.

The Fiesta del Almendro happens in February at Fregeneda where the blossoming of almond-trees brings hope and joy to the locals. Multitudes come by boat crossing the Duero River which forms the boundary between Spain and Portugal.

Salamanca celebrates Easter Monday in the festival of “Lunes de Aguas” where locals are dressed in middle-aged costumes crossing the river in boats that are beautifully decorated with flowers. Prostitutes who were sent away during Lent would be brought back to the town.

One of the major festivals in Salamanca is Corpus Christi which showcases beautiful processions through the town streets and into the huge town Cathedral to form an amazing sight.

The Ofertorio comes on August 15th every year in honor of the Holy Virgin; the celebration happens at La Alberca when the locals dress up in folklore costumes and regional dresses for a most colorful and festive ambience.

Spanish towns

Every town and city of Spain enjoy different types of festivals depending on their customs, folklore and traditions. The rich culture and history of the region impact the fiestas. Madrid holds on with pride a host of live traditions from the celebration of New Year to Christmas.

Thousands of locals and tourists would wait for the stroke of midnight at the town plaza where the tradition to eat twelve grapes before the bell chimes is still being practiced. The whole city of Madrid is a big celebration on New Year’s Eve and day. The three Magi festivity comes on in early January with delightful processions of the country’s religious spirit. Cultural events come on in full costumes and dancing that display the local traditions.

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