Buddha Jayanti in India on 25th of May, 2013

The culture, the tradition and the customs bind together to make this soulful nation India, the nation known for its heritage and history.

India has a picture perfect ethnicity where celebrations and festivals always fill the streets with limitless joy. Like the festival of lights – Diwali and the festival of colors – Holi, there are countless traditional and religious festivals celebrated in every corner of the country.

Buddh jayantiIndia is a multi-cultured nation with many religions and races. Similar to other religions, Buddhism does have its importance. Buddhism has its roots stretched deep into all the soils of the world, but still Asian soil is where the religion laid its strong foundation. The reason why Asians believe in Buddhism is because this is the birth place of the race. India is the birth place of Lord Buddha and the origin of Buddhism, and so there are many Buddhist festivals celebrated in most parts of the nation. By the same way finest travel destination – Malaysia also have involved more in buddhism festivals and celebrates more and more. It provide a huge discount offers for hotel booking with save upto 50% and also have extra discount 3% off for The Royale Chulan Hotel Kuala Lumpur for such like celebrations.

Buddha Jayanti or Buddha Purnima is nothing but Lord Buddha’s birthday which is celebrated on full moon day of May every year – this year, 2013 it falls on 25th of May. The day is fully engaged with special prayers, meditation classes, sermons and worships. Buddhist monks and devotees participate in group meditations seeking peace. A small statue of Buddha is placed in a large bowl, where the devotees pour water on the statue, believing a new start for the commencing year. The large statues are worshiped with fruits and flowers. On this day, people donate food to the needy and release animals from the cage. After the worships, sweet rice is served to everyone in the temple.

In India, Buddhism is mostly followed in the northern states like Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Ladakh and Sarnath, where the celebrations are to the extreme. In particular, Buddha Purnima is grandly celebrated in Bodhgaya where the Mahabodhi Temple is situated. This temple is decorated with colorful flowers and flags, and traditional worships are continuously held. The Bodhi Tree here, is a spiritual tree where Gautama Buddha got enlightened. Special worships are conducted near the Bodhi Tree as well.


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