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For many families, their annual holiday is eagerly awaited by everyone all year long and is a great opportunity to spend some quality family time together and enjoy which may not be possible in day-to-day life. For some, this may be as simple as lounging on the beach or at the poolside with a good book, soaking up some rays; for others, this involves strolling round a new town or city and drinking in all the culture and wonders offered by any different locale. However, these two options don’t necessarily engage everyone and this is where activity holidays come into their own. There are many different types of activity holiday available, whether you choose a vacation by the sea, further inland, or hiking in the mountains.

Coastal Adventures

The sea is thrilling and exciting precisely because it is a force of nature that we can never truly know or understand. Nonetheless, it is also a source of much fun as long as it is handled safely and respectfully. Activity trips by the sea therefore, offer a wonderful variety of activities to take part in such as jet-ski rides, para sailing, surfing, kayaking, sailing and scuba diving, to name just a few. The great thing about coastal adventure holidays is that they also offer the chance to relax on the beach for a bit of downtime, or explore the striking landscape of shoreline and cliffs that are also present there.

Countryside Adventures

Away from the sea, the rural landscape also holds plenty of potential for great activity holidays. Whether the countryside is predominantly fields or woodland, there are chances to take part in great pursuits such as orienteering, quad biking, cycling, climbing and hiking. In addition, there are often great sports facilities, both indoors and out, to allow you to try your hand at all manner of great games, from badminton to boxing.

Alpine Adventures

There is one other environment which lends itself to activity vacations as well as the coast does. High in the mountains, holidaymakers are there with a single purpose   to hit the slopes. Whether this takes the shape of skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing, the thrills of racing about on the snow are unparalleled and at the end of the day when darkness falls over the pristine white peaks, the ski environment provides great entertainment and relaxation for all.

Overall, an activity holiday is a great way to bring the family together for a trip with a bit of a difference and one that is sure to be memorable for all the right reasons. While lounging on the beach or walking through city streets both have their perks, nothing beats an adventure.

Harry Wilson writes regularly on activity holidays for a range of travel websites and blogs. He worked for many years as a holiday rep and a travel agent and then found his true calling as an instructor at adventure holiday sites, teaching everything from skiing to abseiling.

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