What is Website Monitoring And Why Do You Need It?

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Websites are becoming increasingly complex as the technology is advancing. Present-day site uses many technologies and requires many efforts on maintenance and performance monitoring. Even small trouble in one of site components can cause site crash. According to the research an average website is not available for 7 hours per month. Taking into consideration that most users quit a slow page after 30 seconds, you can imagine how a not working or slow loading site can harm your business. That is why server uptime and fast performing scripts are the things which site owners should care first of all.

How site works depends on many factors but in general they are server speed and site scripts. Often slow working server ruins all efforts on HTML5, JS, Flash, AJAX, ASP, PHP scripts optimization. And vice versa slow performing script can level all advantages of fast-responding server. Moreover it is not enough to have good web server performance and fast-working scripts – like other multicomponent structures websites tend to break down. Site owners should permanently monitor their site for availability, loading speed and performance.

The better way to monitor a site is to use external website monitoring solutions which provide 24×7 server and web application monitoring with customizable frequency. Usually multiple monitoring locations are available – that gives an opportunity to check how site works from different locations over the world. When something goes wrong, crashes, or just works in inappropriate way the system immediately sends notification to site owner. Advanced level monitoring service providers also offer analysis and escalation.

Being must have webmaster tool website monitoring services are quite easy to use and don’t require much efforts on integration. To meet requirement of both big and small businesses most web monitoring providers offer packages both multifunctional and affordable packages.

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