What is “Linux cloud hosting service”?

Linux cloud hosting includes importantly two things the first one is a cloud hosting server and the second one is the open source Linux operating system. When on a cloud computing platform Linux operating system is used as a platform for the client to host his business that platform or server with Linux OS is called the Linux cloud hosting services.

Linux cloud hosting and Linux web hosting many of us think that these terms are similar and are the same thing. The second one is the traditional way of hosting a business on shared hosting server, virtual private server and dedicated hosting server with the use of Linux OS. The traditional web hosting services are a past thing although it is still the most preferred one in India and throughout the world and have a strong presence in the minds of the users. However, on the contrary the cloud hosting technology is comparatively very new and fresh this concept received a lot approval and some criticisms too. There are many experts and providers who believe that cloud computing service providers will rule the online marketing and hosting services in the future and currently the world of internet is going through a huge revolution of the technology and advancement.

Linux is always a preferred option because it has many features that other operating systems lack. To mention you some of the unique qualities are:

  1. Free and open source technology.
  2. No tension for license and completely free of cost.
  3.  A wide support for many scripting and programming languages.
  4. The applications developed and maintained are completely platform independent and can easily worked under other environments like windows.
  5. Highly secure and safe for storing and maintaining business data and information.
  6. A server with Linux OS will be difficult to break and hack. It will very efficient because of its speed of execution in performing tasks and free from malware and virus (mostly).

With a Cheap Linux Web Hosting package you will be able to save a lot of money because if you are on a tight budget then this will be the best option for your business. The word cheap not at all represents that the given service will be poor or of low quality it is specifically designed for Indian clients those run their business on tight budgets and don’t overdo things and with a Linux hosting platform you will be able to save a lot. The Cheap Linux Hosting services will be equivalent to the normal web hosting services in India however there will be some differences in the amount of resources provided to you. It is always safe and secure to go for Linux web hosting services because the kind of support and features you will get is completely worth the money you will be investing on your business and your server.

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Lanos technologies is exhibiting its name with many successful ventures that benefited from our Linux Web Hosting services in India. We are among the creators offering VPS, dedicated, Windows and are one of the leading providers of Linux Cloud Hosting.

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