Transform Your WordPress Blog into an eCommerce Website

Making money online is one of the most talked about topics in the current times. And why not, especially when internet has become such an integral part of our daily living!

If you’re already into blogging and now want to take your WordPress blog to the next level, consider transforming into an ecommerce site. You might feel it’s too early to take such decision but you can conveniently convert your blog into a successful e-store.

What amazes the most about WordPress is its outstanding flexibility. It’s much more than just blogging. All you need to do is conceive an idea, like what type of website you want and select the right kind of plug-in to convert your blog into an ecommerce website.

However, before you start building your online store, consider a few important things and gain a basic understanding of what is required and how to about the entire process.

What to Consider Before Converting Your WP Blog into an Online Store?

  • Target Audience

The first step is to decide who you are going to serve. It will help you find the answers to some of the most important questions such as

  • Who are you going to cater – children, youth or adults in a specific region, country or entire world
  • Which segment of the society you’re going to target – high income, middle income or low income group
  • Whether you’re going to connect with companies, professionals, self employed or unemployed?
  • What is your unique selling proposition?
  • How will you differentiate your product or service from the rest in the same category?
  • Site Map

It is essential to have a site map on paper in order to have an understanding of the site architecture. Decide what to place where in main and sub categories. You can also consider collecting images that best represent your offerings.

How to Transform WP Blog into an eCommerce Site?

  • WordPress Plug-ins

If you want to keep a basic website, a variety of WordPress free plug-ins are available suiting your taste and requirement. WordPress eCommerce is one of the most popular and most frequently used plug-ins. It’s easy to set up, customize and implement. Moreover, it supports a lot of payment options. Shopp is another plug-in that offers value for money. It is extremely flexible and also tracks sales.

  • Make use of a More Comprehensive Platform

Upgrade your blog to the latest version of WordPress and install the ecommerce plug-in WP e-commerce 3.7.7. The biggest benefit of this particular plug-in is that many other additional plug-ins are available to complement the original. The store menu allows you to easily manage all aspects of an ecommerce website.

  • Complement the Basic Website

Once you have a WordPress website working, you can gradually upgrade it by supplying it with additional plug-ins, features and functionalities from time to time. However, keep adding to your database by posting interesting details and information. Transforming into a website doesn’t mean that you can afford to disconnect with your existing readers. In fact, it’s a means to take your relationships with them to the next level.

  • WordPress eCommerce Themes

Complement your WordPress website and plug-ins with matching themes to make it attractive. You can search for them online and save them after downloading. Using the upload menu, you can upload the theme and install it on your website.

If you somehow don’t have sufficient technical knowledge to convert your WordPress blog into your website, you can avail professional assistance of WordPress eCommerce developers. Availing the services of freelance professionals might be somewhat risky because of the lack of credibility. Instead, you can outsource the job to a WordPress development company. They will not only fulfill your specific requirements but will also offer complete technical support as and when required.

Kuntal Mehta (KJ) is the managing partner of Seashore Partners, a web development, e-commerce solution and SEO company headquartered in New Jersey, United States. In this article, he provides readers with the ways to convert their WordPress blog into a thriving e-commerce website. He also suggests them to depend on a WordPress development company rather than freelance professionals.

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