Top Five ASP.NET Content Management Systems

No doubt, PHP rules the web, but that doesn’t prove that there is no space for ASP.NET CMS. Based on server side framework, ASP.NET content management systems empower you to develop high-concept websites. It also gives you the experience of working on the popular .NET platform, widely used in business.

Built on Common Language Runtime (CLR), ASP.NET seems to bring out more and more high quality content management system options with the changing technological era. This framework offers excellent alternatives, including both paid and open source codes, for developing amazing web pages.

Whether you want a commercial solution for your business or looking to incorporate a new application in your website, here are the top five CMS to choose – which offer all the primary and imperative tools for building the most exceptional web applications.

Among the various ASP.NET CMSs, DotNetNuke is a leading content management system. The reason for its popularity is its various versions, which allow greater flexibility for a fresh web developer as well as the most experienced programmer. With its intuitive interface, DNN developers can build creative new websites or extend the features of existing sites. Moreover, DotNetNuke development process is growing enormously over the past few years.

Orchard CMS is a great entry of the Microsoft in the open source world. Being an open source CMS, and backed by full-time developers community, numerous effective applications can be created. There are several important back-end features that helps for building highly interactive web pages.

Kentico is one of the multiple licensing CMS options. The easy-to- use framework is more helpful for the novice users; and for the experienced ones, web development becomes faster. This CMS mainly focuses on three fields – eCommerce, Content Management, and Social Networking. Due to its vast usage, it is a perfect choice for different types of technology ventures.

Composite C1
A new comer to ASP.NET field, Composite C1 was formerly sold as a licensed version till 2010. But, now it’s free and comes in version 3.0 under the Mozilla Public License. It mainly supports the web developers working on corporate sites. Being a well designed CMS, this ASP.NET content management system empowers experienced programmers, who want more functional tools for developing unique web apps.

Based on ASP.NET, Kooboo is an enterprise level CMS. This flexible and extensible content management system assists in all types of web development tasks. It includes various effective features such as version control, workflow, publishing and integration service. It offers best solution for multilingual website problems using site inheritance and content broadcasting. With the support of Mysql, MongoDB, MSSQL, SQLCE, and XML based database, Kooboo improves website performance.

These are just the top five CMSs, which you can use depending on your needs. Whether you want to go for an open source code or paid version, both are available. In order to find, which is the best CMS for you, it is better to explore their features and advantages according to your web app or website development requirements.

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