The Dead Dinosaurs of SEO

Just the way dinosaurs roamed the turf of the earth millions of years ago, in the field of SEO too, there were dinosaurs that ruled the web jungle.Thankfully, the advancement in search engine processes has eliminated the race of such dinosaurs. So, with the help of insights given by AblySoft Private Limited, let’s go back in the past to see the techniques that were employed to achieve high traffic but are now buried deep in the web sphere.

Article Spinners  

Back then, the concept of creative and original content was non-existent. Well, to tell the truth, the concept was there but who would wish to pay thousands of dollars to get original words written from time to time when one can use software to rearrange the words and have the same effect? Yes, this is what article spinners did; took an article, rearranged the words and sentences to evolve an all new work. But with the invasion of Google updates like Panda, such practices were detected and treated mercilessly.

Keyword Stuffing

This dinosaur is not very old one and was executed quite recently by Google updates. Back then, the trend was to include more and more keywords to make the web crawlers detect the page. This was pretty effective phenomena but the article or blog made little sense with so many unrelated keywords falling at random places. Keyword density was an unheard notion but with the passage of time, and also some updates later, it was realized that high ranks can be attained by supplying quality content and stuffing became less and less popular.

Using Automated Software

Before Panda came along with a bamboo in hand to spank websites, automated software were very popular in bringing the traffic. With the help of such software, one could create thousands of keyword targeted pages to receive unbelievable amount of traffic. Auto blogs were also the ‘in-thing’ which did all the work on their own after they were put to work. But all this changed after Google Panda came along.

Hidden Text

The oldest trick in the trade but worked like magic in the good old days. Mostly done at the end of the page, some websites used the same color for the text as the background while some made the text so small that it is not readable by the human eye. It was hailed as a great trick but with the passage of time, it lost its sheen.

Well, just for the record, there are lot more dinosaurs like paid reviews, free directories and squidoo lens creations that ended under the Earth with the advancements in web. While many web design companies suffered the backlash for using such practices, Website Company is one of the few firms that came out strong after the updates.

So, these were the dead dinosaurs of the SEO. How many did you know of prior to reading the work?

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