Phone Alerts: The Fastest Way To Inform People

phone alert

Both big corporations and individuals often face situations when they need to inform a number of people altogether. The reason could be sales offer or discounts, announcement for employees, emergency weather alerts etc.

What is the best way to do that? Usual e-mail messages do not work. There are still many people who check the mail box just once a week but, everyone today has a personal mobile phone. So it is better to use this communication channel. But making multiple calls or sending over 100 SMS messages could be quite cumbersome. That’s why automated phone alert service is a good option.

The way such services work is simple but effective. Being logged into his account the user sets a list of contacts and if it is needed divides them into groups. The list of contacts can be set manually or automatically imported to the system by synchronizing with Android device, by uploading CSV, Excel, XML or other contacts file. The list needs to be added once and is stored in the account. To send message to all contacts or to a selected group the only thing user have to do is to type it and press send button. Of course, message delivery can be scheduled and has many other customization options. Some service providers also provide opportunity to send them initial message by phone or by email. Then it will be delivered to multiply contacts.

Advanced phone alert service providers like also provide text-to-voice conversion feature. That means that the initial text message can be delivered as the voice one. The service makes a call to each person in contacts list and is message is spoken by robot.

Such services are paid but their pricing plans cost much less then you would pay for the same number of messages sent from your phone. Being cheap and easy to use automated phone alert service could be a good tool in many spheres like interacting with your customers or organizing any event.

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