Mobile OS: Android Vs Windows

Buying a new phone was never as complicated and confusing task as it has become now. There is quite a handful of parameters to measure the usability of a cellphone and it becomes more difficult when the phone you want to purchase is a Smart-phone. There are many features to select from while buying a smartphone, but selecting the appropriate Operating System is the primary because, the choice of OS i.e. operating system depends upon the usability. Smartphones allow their users to install a variety of applications that allow them to perform certain specialized tasks like editing office documents like spreadsheets, editing documents, emailing etc. And, the choice of application depends a lot upon the OS because the applications are dependent on OS.

Among the Operating Systems available today for smartphones, Android OS from google, iOS from Apple Computers and Windows OS from Microsoft are the major players. While iOS is available only for iPhones, Android and Windows OSes are available in mobile phones from different manufactures like HTC, Nokia, ASUS etc. Now, the choice of OS is what makes it difficult to choose because for starters, Windows OS is a name that the users are already familiar with and have trust over the brand as a whole. However, Android has come a long way since after its debut in the mobile phone arena. Being available as a free OS is one of the probable reasons behind that while being robust, easy to use and availability of a huge number of compatible applications could be another of the reasons behind popularity of Android. However, Windows is also not to be taken lightly, as it offers faster operating speed as compared with Android.

Google Android

Google Android is powered and supported by google irrespective of the phone brand it runs on. Google Play Store has a ever increasing collection of applications which are available for download and install at any Android device. This is the primary benefit of Android OS. You can virtually find application that can be used to do any task you might require of your smartphone. Applications to read ebooks, create and modify spreadsheets, documents, edit photos, play games etc are available at Google Play Store. Another clear advantage of android is the well developed and updated Google Maps app. Strong mapping, 3D and satellite views are accompanied by built-in voice control and turn by turn navigation. Android devices are much flexible that windows as there is a something available for every user based on their budget, goal and desire. Being open source Android OS, allows manufacturers to add their own features and look and feel to the device. The drawback to the flexibility of Android is that it can be quite complicated once you go under the hood. Newer versions of Android have improved the experience but it can prove a little technical if you’re not used to interacting with it.

Windows OS

The first major feature of Windows is that it is provides a super slick interface that makes key tasks fast and easy. It is designed for speed and performance.

Windows phone has a small app store as compared to Android although the apps that are available are of high quality. Windows phone is compatible with other Microsoft products like Microsoft Office, Sharepoint. Users are familiar with MS products and their “look and feel”. One of the drawbacks in windows OS is that it has rigid development parameters for 3rd party developers. The connection to the Xbox Live is proprietary to Microsoft which cannot be copied easily by competition and is thus a major competitive advantage.

Limited availability of apps is what limits the Windows Phone experience. Internet Explorer’s mobile edition available for windows mobile has some glitches while browsing the web. Windows Mobile though not as robust as Android, provides a great user experience which combines speed and power. Users can customize some aspects of the phone.

So, if  you want speed and performance with access to super quality Microsoft products, then Windows phones are an option for you. However, if you need a robust phone with customizable features and versatile apps at the cost of speed then Android is an option to go for. It is too late or too unjust to advocate one OS over other as both OSes serve a different class of users with variations in choices.

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