How to replace Dell laptop keyboard

Having a broken or damage keyboard does not mean that the laptop needs to be thrown in the junk. It can be replaces with new one very quickly and easily. Dell, a popular brand in manufacturing laptop, but most of the dell users facing a problem that is the keyboard or keys getting damage and stuck. We know that the keyboard is an integral part of any laptop as we need it for word processing. Without keywords laptop is useless especially for those who used it as a tool to communicate with clients, friends and other people. Below, we have given few steps for how to install a new dell keyboard in your laptop, just follow them

Step 1- Remove all power connections from your laptop should always be your first step. Make sure that all the connections have unplugged, and then remove the battery of your laptop. Remember, it could be very dangerous and risky to replace laptop keyboard without unplugging all power sources.

Step 2- After that you can put your laptop on a flat surface like a table, desk, etc, after that tilt laptop screen back so the laptop is now in a flat line, and tool you will be required for making laptop in a flat line are screw drivers such as small Philips head (+) and small flat head (-).

Step 3- Remove the power button center control cover with the help of a flat head screw driver by inserting it on the side of the cover snapping it up and off. Now, remove the screws (usually between 2 – 4) that are holding the keyboard on by using the Philips head screwdriver, and keep them aside.

Step 4- After keeping screws aside, carefully and slowly remove the keyboard by using your hand.

Step 5- Now, install your old keyboard with a new piece, and there is no need of any kind of settings and software to be changed or updated. After changing it, your keyboard is ready for typing and working. By these simple steps, you can replace your dell laptop keyboard without taking it to any dell laptop repair service center.

Dell, one of the best computer companies in the world, and its dell laptop & desktop are very popular. This company is not only known for its dell laptop, but also for its outstanding services. If you are facing any kind of problem with dell laptop, you can search on the Internet for dell repair service centers according to your location, for example, laptop repair Mumbai for all big cities of India.


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