How to Improve Laptop Battery Life?


Laptop computer have become very common nowadays as they are portable and cost almost the same as desktops. However, there is one problem which every laptop user faces which is of quick battery drain. Laptop battery is not designed to give unlimited power backup; there is a limit to the time for which it can keep the laptop running and this also reduces with time. However, there are many things you can do to maximize the battery life. I have listed a few of the tips for maximizing the life of your laptop battery:

Screen Brightness: There is virtually no laptop that doesn’t have an option of adjusting the screen brightness. You can adjust screen brightness according to the surroundings. If you do not require high brightness, you can dim the brightness and save on the power drained from the battery. For example, if you are watching a movie on your laptop in a dark place, there is no need of full bright display and you can dim the screen brightness and thus reducing the battery drain and also avoiding the strain on your eyes because of bright screen.

Control Speed of Your Processor: This can be done with help of much software that are available online with name Notebook Hardware Control. The speed of the processor also effects the battery drain, so avoid over-clocking the CPU unless it is absolutely required.Reduce laptop processor speed from basic input output system which is called (BIOS), so it can extend battery life.

Understand the use of Hibernate Mode: people commonly use stand by and sleep mode but avoid to hibernate mode. However it’s also a big reason for fast laptop battery exhaustion is that the laptop users use Sleep mode or standby rather than using hibernate mode. May be people are not aware about it but hibernate mode of the laptop uses zero power. It is good to put device on hibernate mode if one is not going to use it for 1 or 2 hours as an alternative of sleep mode and it’s much better way to give more life to laptop battery.

Disconnect Peripherals When Not In Use: Its very common among people even I had never thought at early stage to disconnect the non essential devices however now it’s my suggestion for everyone to remove all the peripherals, including CD-ROM’s, Zip drives, PC cards, External hard drives or any device when you are not using them as they can drain the battery faster. So, disconnect or eject them after finishing your work.

Above tips very useful to increase their laptop battery backup and want to maximize benefits from battery. The above tips are given by technical experts from AcmaTech which is a famous laptop repairing store. These tips apply to every laptop battery one might have.

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