How to Fix Chrome Shockwave Crash Problem?


Millions of people using Google’s Chrome web browser as it is simple, fast and stable. However, many people are facing Shock-wave Flash Crashes problems for the browser. The reason behind this problem is that there are two flash programs installed in the computer: one is installed by Google Chrome, and the other is from the Windows. The flash installed by Google gets installed automatically, but the version from flash cannot. Therefore, the conflicts between the two processes repeatedly crashes the browser. If you are also experiencing the Shockwave Crash Problem, then the information given below can help you.

Follow these simple steps to fix this problem.
Step 1: Open a new tab in Chrome and type about: plug-in in the URL bar and “Enter”

Step 2: After press enters, go to “Flash” and click on label [+]”Details” at the upper right-hand corner of the browser window.

Step 3: After clicking on label [+] Details, you can expand the entries for all the plug-ins. Then choose the entry for Flash. Now, you will see two flash versions after selecting flash; one is installed by Windows and other installed by Chrome in browser.

Step 4:  Now, you have to disabled the Shockwave Flash installed by Chrome browser to make sure you don’t encounter any future crashes. It is usually stored in the computer in the following folder –AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\17.0.963.38\gcswf32.dll)

Step 5: Now, Click on the disable link, which is just below the file location of Shock-wave plug-in for Chrome’s internal installation of Flash. This will disable this plug-in quickly.

Step 6: Now, restart the browser

These steps are quite easy and effective in solving crashes of the shock-wave flash. But, you must also use a registry cleaner software like “Registry Cleaner”. This software’s can fix this problem easily. Whenever, you scan your computer and laptop, you should also clean junk folders, browser history and temporary files. Sometimes Chrome Shock-wave Crash Problem may occur because of the presence of malicious data in these folders or locations. Some websites also provide chrome patch which run all troubleshooting and one doesn’t require to follow any kind of steps for removing crashing issues.  On other hand Google takes care of its users and allow complete chrome features guide to the users to have better performance experience with chrome.

Sometimes outdated sound driver can also cause the chrome flash crash problem. So, you need to update your sound drivers frequently. You can update your sound drivers by this method: Right click on the “My Computer> Click on “Properties” > Open “Device Manager” > Find Sound Card Device > Uninstall drivers > Reinstall the drivers, and after that reboot your system.

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