Google and Huawei in talks over next Nexus phone

Google’s Nexus range of tablet and phones has always been the symbol of a pure Android experience. Now, Chinese manufacturer Huawei is planning to get one of its handsets become a Nexus device. But what will this mean for consumers?

This month statistics from Com-score showed that Samsung and Apple remain at the top of the smartphone sales market in the US, with other manufacturers scrapping over much smaller shares. However, one emerging company that deserves attention is Huawei, which initially launched itself on a platform of budget-oriented device, but has since made moves to try and court consumers at the top end of the mobile market.

Pocket-Lint reports that Huawei president Kevin Ho is confident that the company is about to make its next big step. Ho claims that he is currently in talks with Google about the possibility of turning the Ascend P6 smartphone into the latest Nexus handset.

Nexus Legacy

Various manufacturers have worked with Google in the past to create phones and tablets for the Nexus family. This includes HTC, LG, Samsung and Asus, with each device being intended to deliver ultimate Google’s Android experience.

Although it got off to a relatively modest start, the Nexus range has really come into its own over the last 12 months, thanks to the arrival of the Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus 4 smartphone. Google has also started to take a value-oriented approach to Nexus handsets, selling them at close to cost in order to boost sales and further impose Android on the world.

Eastern Promise

The Ascend P6 is definitely worthy of attention thanks to its design, which is not only based on premium materials, but also manages to impress thanks to the fact that it is just 6.2 millimetres thick. This makes it thinner than even the iPhone 5, which is a device that looks similar to it from certain angles.

The Ascend P6 manages to pack in a 4.7 inch HD display, quad core processor and plenty of other impressive hardware features in spite of its slenderness.

All in all, it’s the kind of package that would seem appropriate for a Nexus device, although there are some suggestions that it might not actually achieve this status in the truest sense.

Reality Check

It seems more likely that Huawei will eventually launch a version of the Ascend P6 which comes with Android in its unadorned form, with none of the additional interface tweaks of the standard version of the phone.

This is being suggested because both Samsung and HTC have announced special editions of their own flagship devices that follow the same route without bearing the Nexus brand in full.

This is no bad thing for consumers, because it means there will be even more choice when they opt for their next mobile device. Meanwhile, if you want to save money when calling from a mobile phone, then it might be worth looking to sites such as to get affordable phone cards.

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