Difference between Joomla and WordPress website hosting

Joomla and WordPress have many similarities and differences. The significant difference is that WordPress is a blog style management system, while Joomla is a community type CMS or a portal. A major similarity is that both are open source and are free to use. Working with Joomla and WordPress implies you need to have basic PHP knowledge.

WordPress 3.0 release has made more users preferring WordPress in comparison to Joomla. This is the top web hosting because of the features such as multi-site features and custom menu, etc. The flexible and elementary menu process is simple to generate, re-arrange menus, edit, add pages, etc. The advantage is that one installation is enough for a WordPress user to manage multiple websites.

Joomla and WordPress have an immense user base. Most hosting providers in the net tool section have Joomla and WordPress options. Both these options are set in a fast manner and rank in the search engines quickly. Joomla is also featuring rich, but does not have an interface design decisions. Of course WordPress also has few disadvantages:

• WP scripting knowledge is essential to add or remove post dates and also need changing in design mode.

• Customize the feel and look of the site and this means you need to know the style sheet language, CSS.

Precisely, WordPress and Joomla have their pros and cons. However, in comparison to Joomla, the WordPress is elementary, but user-friendly and fast. This is the reason that for content management systems, Joomla and WordPress are considered affordable web hosting.

WordPress is currently the CMS that is widely used. It uses MySQL for database management. An interesting point is the WordPress offers a CMS as a standalone , so in case you do not have your own domain also, you can run your website. Hence, it is recommended to invest in any of the cheap web hosting and registering your domain, so that you enjoy using the WordPress CMS, stand alone.

WordPress popular websites are Problogger, Mashable, The Ford Story and Techcrunch. Functionality can be added by installing and downloading plugins.

Joomla is based on MySQL and PHP, like WordPress, and this means you need to use an Apache host. Joomla lacks hosted facility and you need to host your website and domain name to use the CMS.

Joomla was developed to create a free and open-source CMS, besides a CMS, the great online community. Joomla is making efforts to release new updates on a regular basis with 2.5 versions. On the flip side, we need to wait to update components so that the latest Joomla version is released. However, Linux.com is a big name for Joomla website running successfully for many years.

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