Submit Article implements strict guest post and articles approval system on this site to ensure that only quality articles gets published. This steps has been taken to ensure that users get value out of this website.


Our mission is to become one of the highest quality websites on Internet which publishes only valuable articles on the web


What editors look during approval?

Our editors follow some steps to ensure that the article or post is genuine. They generally look for more than 25 factors while approving any articles. We cannot disclose all the factors but obviously we can provide you some hints which can help you in getting your article approved. One of the ultimate aim of doing this is to provide something valuable to the web through this website. If your article does not fulfill the quality standards, it will be instantly deleted or disapproved.

  • Username: Use genuine username on his website, no spammy usernames.
  • Email: Use professional emails, if you are registering using free emails you aren’t given any preferential treatments.
  • Pics: Edit your profile to upload your real picture. Our editors want to know who you are and thus can give you a boost in your credibility
  • Social Profiles: fill details about your social profile on websites like twitter, Google +, linkedin, facebook. This improves your chances of getting your article approved.
  • Profile: First step after registering should be to complete your profile field like about yourself, your website, what you do etc. The more profile you fill the more preference you receive.
  • Language: We submit only english language articles, however we do publish multilingual documents like white papers etc.
  • Grammer: Please take care of grammar and punctuations. Too much spelling mistake won’t get your article published.
  • Title: Title is the most important part. Write a nice and logical title for each article. If title isn’t interesting, forget about getting your article published.
  • Images: Include an image, though not compulsory but enhances chances of getting your article approved.
  • Value: Write for users, provide them value. Show them that you have got incredible skills, don’t write article just because it will help you in seo.
  • Don’t smell links: Our editors are very knowledge who smells links. Though we don’t put any limitations on links in articles but it should be justified and should provide value. Else it will be deleted.
  • Advertisement: If your articles seems like advertisement, it won’t be approved.
We accept a wide range of articles except advertising articles, adult, gambling or porn related articles. It really does not matter, if you are trying to sell any product, service or collecting an opinion through your articles, but your article should be informational and relevant and should provide value. Let’s be famous can make you popular, by sending quality traffic. Often visitors become customers when they are impressed by the content, so please submit impressive and engaging contents.
Remember, that all the articles are published only after successfully completing the approval cycle. It might take some time before your article is published on the website. Please don’t sent emails for getting your articles published, If you want faster approval use paid membership plan. Please register or login on the website to start submitting the articles.

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