Unique Ways to Keep Learning through Retirement

For most people retirement doesn’t feel like a time to stop and sit in the confines of their homes and doing nothing. Just because they are old and not so energetic as they used to be doesn’t stop them from doing new things. It is never too late to learn or do something new and retirement releases them from the daily routine of office to home and back and gives them time to try and experience what they always wanted to do.

1. Helicopter Lessons

Many people wanted to take lesson on flying helicopter, but never did. Why not try after retirement? Helicopter lessons don’t always involve weeks and weeks of training; in fact it’s often easy to find companies selling one off experiences where you can enjoy a trial lesson for one day.

For some retirees helicopter lessons, pleasure and freedom all come under one package and you could even take an extended course and get a Private Pilot’s Licence.

2. First Aid
Just because you never did a first aid course, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. In fact now is as good a time as any. You may not need the skills for the workplace but they can come in handy when looking after grandchildren or participating in volunteer work.

3. Graduate
For those who never graduate because of some reason, it would be a great chance to graduate and get the degree they wanted. It is never too late for it. A degree doesn’t need to have career based outcomes; it can just be enjoyed for fun. In fact the Open University offers a huge range of courses and you don’t even need to travel to a campus to get a degree.

4. Learn to write a book
We all have a writer in us. So why not enroll yourself for a creative writing course and give it a go! In fact after all your life experience, it makes far more sense to pen down your experiences on paper.

5. Learn to be sustainable and self-sufficient.
With time now on your hands, this could be the perfect time to learn to be more self-sufficient. That means growing your own vegetables, brewing your own beer, knitting your own clothes or perhaps even building or up cycling your own furniture. Not only will you be learning new skills, but you will probably be taking a more environmentally friendly approach to life.

Don’t look at retirement as an empty future, look at it as the chance to do all the things you never did. Always wanted to fly a helicopter? Find your nearest helicopter school and see what they have on offer. Always wanted to finish your degree? Take a look through the courses at the Open University. Also take a look at the many learning courses available through your local council.

Harry Wilson writes many blogs about the exciting ways he is spending his retirement. He first had to learn how to blog, but he now also enjoys helicopter flights pleasure seeking in general and learning new skills.

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