Comedy Film Review Liar Liar

Fletcher Reede (Jim Carrey) is an upcoming lawyer who will do anything to win a case and get partner. When Miranda (Amanda Donohoe), one of the firm’s partners discovers Reede’s ability to lie to win a case, she puts him on a high profile divorce case. The trial happens to fall on the same day as Fletcher’s son Max’s (Justin Cooper) birthday. Fletcher tries to have a relationship with his son but ends up making empty promises that he can’t fulfill. He promises that he will be at Max’s birthday party the following day.

Fletcher’s ex-wife Audrey (Maura Tierney) has recently found another man Jerry (Cary Elwes) who is trying to fill the missing father role in Max’s life. Jerry and Audrey’s relationship appears quite dull but Jerry is a great father figure to Max.

Samanta Cole (Jennifer Tilly) becomes quite impressed with Fletcher when he meets with her regarding her divorce case. Miranda is equally impressed and promises him partner if he wins to big case. The two end up having quite a night together and Fletcher misses yet another important moment in Max’s life.

For Max’s birthday he makes one simple wish that his dad won’t be able to tell a lie for an entire day. When his wish is granted it turns Fletchers world upside-down. Because Fletcher can’t lie he is forced to answer every question he is asked honestly which makes his office and courtroom conversations quite humorous. Samantha’s court case gets extremely difficult however because Fletcher knows he is defending someone he doesn’t believe is being honest. He tries numerous times to get the trial postponed but is unable to lie about why he needs the case delayed.

During his day of honesty Fletcher realizes how important his son Max really is to him. Unfortunately he has let him down one too many times and Audrey has agreed to move to Boston with Jerry and start a new life there. Fletcher makes one final attempt to show his son how much he means to him in a wild scene which will make you laugh.

Liar Liar is a very entertaining comedy if you are looking for laughs with a heartwarming story. The message of the film is a good one and the characters were very well cast. This is one of the better Jim Carrey comedy movies as the role of Fletcher really suited his talents at physical comedy. Maura Tierney played off Carrey wonderfully and Justin Cooper did a remarkable acting job as Max. Justin was nominated for a Young Artists Award for his role as Max.

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