Know All About Voodoo and Voodoo Dolls and Spells

voodoo dolls

Voodoo means “A Spirit or Divine Creature” in ancient African language. It is a famous art of Black Magic, and has been practiced for a long time in various parts of the world, especially in African continents. Lots of people associate Voodoo with black magic, which is completely wrong. There are many voodoo spells like love spells, make someone love you spell, break-up spell or true love spell that are used for the purpose of both good and bad.

The casting of voodoo or voodoo spell is rarely practiced, and people have absolutely no idea how it is done? Whatever, little they know, they know it from from movies and  television shows which present Voodoo as an art of malice. Internet provides a little or limited information about black magic, but there is much more to it. So, if you are really interested in doing voodoo on your own, you must have full knowledge of how to do voodoo.

Making a voodoo doll is easy but, is useless if you don’t know how to use it. There are different feelings and emotions attached with the voodoo spells that you must aware of. Each color used in this magic has a different symbolism such as

  • Red for Power,
  • Yellow for Money,
  • Green for Tranquility,
  • Blue for Love,
  • Purple for Spirituality,
  • Black for  Pain/Relief/Healing/ Repelling negativity,
  • White for Positive Energy / Good Karma and
  • Pink for Death.

Voodoo spells are the most powerful and effective spells to exist but, casting them is too complex. Voodoo spells use voodoo dolls which are meant to represent those whose energy you want to affect and hurt. For Example, if you want to take your ex-love back in your life, you have to make a doll and after that keep that in your room to attract his or her energy. Same manner, if you wish some one out of your life, then you take the doll and give it away to release its energy from your life. Anyone can change his or her life completely with voodoo, and people can also remove the oncoming problems. Hurting others in not only the purpose of any magic spells.Voodoo spells can also be used to attract good into your life.

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