What to Consider When Buying Fashion Jewellery?

With so many types of jewelry available, it can be difficult to decide what to buy amidst lavish displays of jewels, stones, metals and fabrics. From cheerful fashion jewelry to extravagant designer investments, there is something for everyone, once you know what you are looking for.

Where to start
First of all it’s helpful to establish your own unique style and how much you are willing to spend in the quest for a great item of jewelry. Are you looking for a statement piece or something more subtle? Is your style more fine or fashion jewelry? Once you have worked out your personal style it’s easier to have an idea of what you can get within your individual budget.

Vintage or antique jewelry tends to incorporate precious metals like gold, platinum or silver and often uses valuable, traditional stones like diamonds, rubies or sapphires. Fashion jewelry, meanwhile, is more likely to be mass-produced, affordable and make use of a range of materials including resin, glass, crystals, wood or imitation jewels.

Occasion buying
When choosing a piece of jewellery think about the amount of wear it will receive before splurging, especially on pricier items. An amazing, one off piece may look incredible twinkling in the shop, but will it go with the clothes in your wardrobe or is it going to remain unworn in a drawer most of the time?
On a practical note any jewelry worn against the skin needs to be comfortable as something too sharp, heavy or complicated is unlikely to be worn regularly and may irritate. That would be fine if it was a costume piece bought for a special occasion but would be a shame if you felt that it can’t be worn again.

Jewelry buying goes hand in hand with special occasions and life events such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays and for a personal touch this is the time to consider birthstones, charms or other items which represent an event and have a special meaning.

Responsible purchasing
Everybody has heard of ‘blood diamonds’ but there are other unscrupulous trades surrounding jewelry manufacture so it pays to be aware. By avoiding items made from genuine shell, coral or other marine materials, you are helping to reduce the pressure on the environment. The same goes for ivory or some animal products. With so many incredible imitations, there’s no need to go for the real thing and encourage unethical trade.

Buy from companies you respect and admire for their morals and consider opting for recycled and sustainable purchases which look incredible and are guilt free!

Jewelry can reflect our mood, personality and style, making it intensely personal by its very nature, especially if chosen to represent a special occasion. A well-chosen piece of jewelry will dazzle for many years to come and if classic in its style like Acotis can become a favorite to be worn whenever the mood takes you, perhaps even becoming a family heirloom to pass down to future generations.

Harry Wilson has a passion for seeking out unusual jewelry from across the decades and is developing an extensive and coveted collection. Along with Acotis items, he is keen on jewelry showcasing semi-precious jewels in every color of the rainbow.

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