Top Decorating Tips for Your Child’s Room


You can decorate your kid’s room with themes, bright colors and any such idea that comes to your mind. From big changes to small touches, such as children’s lights, there are a number of ways to do this. Here are some ideas.

Theme It

Themes are a great idea and children love them. Although a theme may seem somewhat intimidating at the outset, they are also fairly easy to accomplish with a few small, coordinated touches such as children lights, so relax and try to enjoy it instead!

A theme could be anything and if you are planning on a more common theme, the accessories, such as the children lights or bed sets, are generally quite easy to find, making it easier for you. If not, fear not; all that is required is a little creativity and a child’s imagination! Some of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to inject a theme into a bedroom include:

  •  Pictures
  •  Rugs
  •  Lamps and lightshades
  •  Bed sheets
  •  Toys

All of these act as dominant features in the room’s decor, working in harmony to emphasis the chosen theme, yet without breaking the bank.

Make it Personal to Your Child

It can be easy, in your enthusiasm, to lose track of the wants and needs of the individual child you are decorating for. Try instead to involve your child in the brainstorming and design process and to build the room around your child’s likes and interests. After all, you don’t want all your hard work going to waste when your child turns its nose up!

Why not encourage the hobbies or interests your child may have by putting up any awards they’ve won or display cases for collections they may have? As well as giving the room a unique edge, your child will certainly appreciate it!

Keep it Practical Too

Last but not least, remember; it is not a showroom! Your child’s bedroom is going to be lived in and so needs features that are as practical as they are stylish. With all that they accumulate in terms of toys, clothes and collections, storage is vital to keep all the clutter at bay. This problem is easily contained by using a combination of shelving, cupboards and stylish toy bins.

Lighting is another important factor; make sure there are various sources of light in your child’s room to cater to different needs. Overhead lighting is a necessity, but so too are reading lights and even night lights, which are especially important if your child is prone to waking up in the night.

Few areas of home decor could be more fun or more creative than doing up a child’s room. Even for an inexperienced decorator, the challenge need not be an intimidating one and just a few small touches can transform your child’s bedroom space in no time.

Thea Harry is an interior decorator who writes regularly for a number of websites on the subject of house and home. Passionate about getting people the right look for their house, he is happy to advise on everything from carpets to attractive children lights.

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