Stylish Home Decoration Tips and Ideas on a Budget

Redecorating your home does not have to be expensive. There are some great redecorating ideas you can use at minimal cost. Redecorating does not mean renovating. You don’t have to start knocking down walls or replacing flooring, simply rejuvenate what you already have with carpet cleaners in London.

Redecorate on a budget

Before you start to redecorate, take a look around your room and think about what you are really trying to achieve. Perhaps you could spruce up a room with a lot less expense and effort than you think. Carpet cleaners in London could inject a new lease of life into your carpets and prevent the need to replace them. You would be surprised at how a thorough cleaning can reveal the original vibrancy and colour of an old carpet in all its glory.

A few budget conscious choices can completely transform a home. Think of it more as an upgrade than a complete transformation, you can still achieve a totally fresh look though. If you have wooden floors but want to add a little warmth or improve acoustics, some strategically placed colourful rugs can go a long way to transforming a room. You could even shop for second hand rugs and get them thoroughly cleaned by carpet cleaners in London.

Transform a bedroom with a new headboard which you can make the focal point of the room. If you are creative you can design your own unique piece, rather than purchase a generic high street headboard. Spruce up walls with some large, bold artwork. Again you can easily create your own on canvas, or if you have some beautiful fabric you can stretch that across a canvas frame to create focal points in a room.

If your base colours are neutral then it is easy to transform the rest of a room quickly and cheaply. Neutral or white sofas and armchairs are the perfect canvas for adding splashes of colour and quirky design with cushions, pillows, bed linen and throws.

Search around for some furniture bargains

Shop at flea markets and second hand shops, or online where many people sell secondhand furniture. Second hand furniture is often still in great condition. The savvy decorator knows that old furniture can be completely transformed with a little imagination and time. Chalk painted furniture is currently very popular and can give a nostalgic, romantic feel to a room. Poor quality MDF furniture can be transformed with self stick paper or even wallpaper and varnished over. It is easy to hide unsightly false wood and replace it with some of the beautifully designed wallpapers, stickers and decals out there.

Add some historical drama to a room with a textile wall hanging feature. These carpet based woven designs can really create a ‘wow’ feature in a room. This is the sort of item you can come across second hand and carpet cleaners in London can easily freshen it up. You can create the illusion of larger windows by hanging stationary fabric panels wider than the frame to give the impression of a larger window.

Harry Wilson writes regularly on home decorating and interior design for a range of home improvement websites and blogs. He recommends using professional carpet cleaners London to ensure a professional finish.

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