Splash Out On Some Good Quality Fluffy Towels

The article talks about choosing good quality towels. It discusses the ways to check for good towels and what benefits they have. It also discusses taking care of your towels.

Everyone likes a lovely fluffy towel to dry themselves on after a bath or shower and there are a few things to look out for when you are buying towels to ensure that you get the best quality towels at a good price. You don’t need to spend a lot to buy towels that will last you for ages and be comfortable and soft.

Check the numbers

Finding a good towel is all about the thread count. Firstly you need a 100% cotton towel, as this will be the best material to keep soft and absorb the water effectively. Towels are made with lots of little loops that produce the fluffy texture of the material and more loops means more surface area to absorb the water. The thread count is an indication of how any loops there are on a towel and therefore how good it will be at getting you dry, which is a pretty important function of a towel! So if you are on a mission to buy towels, the best idea is to get the ones with the highest thread count that you can find and afford, as long as they are 100% cotton

Keep Them Soft
Some towels become all hard and scratchy after they have been washed and they may also lose some of their ability to absorb water and not do as good a job as they used to. The trick to fixing your stiff hard towels is all in the washing; never use fabric conditioner or softener as this actually has an adverse effect on the towel and stops it from absorbing as much water as the fibers become coated in a water resistant substance. This stops the towel being as effective at absorbing the water and leaves you wet. The way to make your towels fluffy again is to wash them on a good hot temperature to get rid of any oils or grime and then to tumble dry them if you can, or dry them outside in a good breeze. This is why you need to buy towels with a high thread count; it is easier to keep them fluffy, so spend a bit more if you are able so that you get good quality towels.

So if you want some lovely fluffy towels that you can snuggle up in after a hot bath or cool shower then you need to go for a good thread count and take care of the towels when you get home. You will find many easy buy towels are not 100% cotton which means they will be no good for absorption so avoid them and get the good quality ones instead.

Harry Wilson is an interior designer who loves a hot bubble bath and a big fluffy towel afterwards. He is always keeping an eye out for the best place to get easy buy towels that are great quality and well- priced and has perfected the art of keeping her towels soft and fluffy.

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