Need More Clothes Hanging Space? Invest In a Single Wardrobe

As any woman will probably tell you, you can never have enough wardrobe space. Finding room to fit in extra wardrobes can be a hassle however and not everyone has the space for a walk-in wardrobe. The solution could be to invest in one or two single wardrobes for extra storage space.

Additional storage

While it is probably true to say that most women are drawn to the wardrobes with three, four or even five doors, finding the space to fit an enormous five door unit can prove to be quite a headache. Even if a huge wardrobe can be squeezed in, it is a law of nature that the amount of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe will expand beyond the unit’s storage capabilities eventually and extra space will be needed in the future. The beauty of a single wardrobe is that it is narrow enough to be added on to the existing wardrobe units if necessary, or it can just as easily fit into a narrow alcove or squeeze in alongside another piece of furniture.

A single wardrobe is the perfect way to create additional storage space, without having to swamp the bedroom with furniture, making it look too cluttered. If there is no room in the master bedroom, single wardrobes can be fitted into another room and are compact enough not to use up too much floor space.

Great for storing outerwear

One of the main problems with finding enough clothes storing space often relates to the hanging of coats. Outerwear, especially thick winter coats, can take up a huge amount of wardrobe space, leaving little room for other clothing. A single wardrobe is ideal for storing outerwear items. A unit that has additional drawer or shelf space as well as a hanging rail can be used for winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves, too. If the wardrobe is used for these items, then it need not be confined to a bedroom, either. A beautiful waxed wood unit, with a mirrored door, for example, will not look out of place in a hallway or second reception room. Using a single unit as a coat cupboard will also give extra space for shoes and boots to be stored in the bottom. The hallway of your home can look neat and stylish, without the clutter of overcrowded coat hooks and randomly discarded footwear.

Clear the clutter

Single wardrobes that have interior shelving or drawers can provide space to store items other than just clothing, too. If your dressing table or chest of drawers is beginning to look cluttered with perfumes, make up and toiletries, then designating some shelves or drawers in the wardrobe for these items can help to tidy things up and conceal the mess.

If the thought of putting together flat-packed furniture is off-putting to you, then look for companies that can supply a fully assembled single wardrobe, which can be delivered to your door. This can be fitted into place quickly and easily, without the need for hundreds of screws and bolts.

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