How buy moissanite jewelry like a pro?

Buying Moissanite Jewelry

Moisanite is an incredible stone for fine jewelry. Since it was lab created and distributed by Charles and Colvard for fine jewelry, the demand for moissanite jewelry has greatly increased. Today, it is a popular choice for affordable fine jewelry. People like the exceptional brilliance and fire of moissanite that make them a great alternate for diamond jewelry. Unlike other natural gemstones that are mined naturally and subjected to different enhancement treatments, moissanite is completely lab created because it is extremely rare in nature and the microscopic amount is not even suffice to make a ring or a pair of earrings.

As the trend is changing and more people are inclining towards diamond alternatives like sapphires, rubies, emeralds and tanzanite for engagement rings and other type of jewelry, moissanite has strongly emerged as a fabulous alternate to enjoy diamond like brilliance, durability and beauty at a friction of its price.

If you are smitten by the history, beauty and remarkable qualities of moissanite and looking forward to buy a piece or two of moissanite jewelry, then the following information and tips will definitely help you shop for jewelry like a pro.

Moissanites Stones

Moissanite 4C’s

The stone is not grades like diamonds or other natural gemstones. You are familiar with the diamond grading system. As moissanite is fundamentally different from diamond or other natural gemstones, the otherwise acceptable grading rules are not applied on moissanite.


Moissanite is a silicon carbide crystal, which is grown in lab through a proprietary thermal process. As they are different from diamonds, the faceting is also exclusive for moissanite. Each stone is carefully calibrated and hand cut to maximize the brilliance and clarity. Moissanite cannot be cut like a diamond as the different faceting gives a poor result. The complete focus of the cut is to maximize the brilliance and fire in a stone.


Once again moissanite does not have any clarity grading scale like diamond. As they are lab created, only the higher clarity is produced and distributed. For a general view, the clarity of moissanite can be compared with that of a VS1 diamond. There is no influence of shape or size over clarity. Usually the stones show a few whitish needle-like inclusions that bifurcate and add to the beauty of stone.


Most moissanite available in market is nearly white or colorless. Although, Charles and Colvard do not grade moissanite on any color scale, most jewelry is compared with the diamonds of I-J color. However, no jeweler claims moissanite jewelry for any specific color grade.


Due to slightly lower specific gravity of moissanite than diamonds, the carat weight also differs for both the stones of similar mm size. Therefore, most jewelers provide mm size and carat weight for moissanite jewelry based on the corresponding size to weight chart provided by Charles and Colvard. The 13% lesser density of moissanite than diamond also contributes in different carat weights.

Moissanite Shapes

Moissanite is available in different shapes and sizes. Round and square are the most popular shapes for moissanite jewelry. Other shapes include cushion, marquise, oval, pear, heart, octagon, trillion and others. Round brilliant moissanite has the perfect optical properties that delivers the maximum brilliance. On the other side, fancy shapes like square or pear hold more color and less brilliance.

Authenticity Certificate

Always ask for an authenticity certificate to ensure you are buying a moissanite and not any of the simulate diamonds.

When you browse for moissanite jewelry, make sure to get it from trusted and authentic jewelers. There are quite a few authentic online jewelry stores like that are offering amazing designs and styles at great value. Moissanite jewelry is certainly a great purchase to enjoy timeless brilliance and fire at an affordable price. It can be your prized possession for the lifetime and it makes a memorable heirloom to pass on to generations.

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