Useful Tips On How To Wear A Saree Perfectly

Saree is perfect attire for Indian women as it accentuates their looks and reflects the grace, elegance and style. Women believe that carrying a saree is very easy and would highlight the personality and beauty just if the buying is well considered, but there are many other things that also must be taken into account when buying a saree, for individual body type, starters the color, fabric and how to drape a saree. A saree always adds attractiveness and sensuality in a woman’s personality, but an untidy tucked up saree can spoil your looks. Hence, we are providing some tip that will help you in wearing a saree more attractive way.

  • You must ensure that the petticoat is not tightly tied or flared as to hold off the saree and not mess up the fall. Adjust your length of the petticoat to the ankle after wearing sandals.
  • Always use many small pins, when wearing saree as they will hold your saree, and avoid big pins because they cause tears in the fabric.
  • Those women who are on a heavier side should purchase Chignon, Georgette or Chiffon sarees because these fabrics will easily stick to the body and help them to look slimmer. If you like to wear silk saree, then Mysore silk sarees will suit you as they are sarees are not too fluffy and heavy.
  • Women with lighter skin toned must go for lighter shades of sarees that will praise their skin type whereas darker skin should buy dark shades when buying a saree.
  • Slim or skinnier women can go for fluffy and stiff fabrics such as Cotton, Tussar, Tissue, Organza etc. because it will add some extra volume to their body.
  • If you are short in height, then go for small borders rather than bigger, and wear dark colors. You should avoid sarees with big borders or prints because they make you look shorter. However, tall woman can wear sarees with bold prints and big borders.
  • You must pinup your saree well, particularly when you are draping it for function, party or office. It provides a smart as well as a clean look. You must be careful while pinning your saree as sometimes bigger pins on your shoulder can provide you a clumsy look.
  • You can simply leave your pallu loose for a gorgeous look. Choose for any occasion or parties.
  • Silk, Tissue, Tussar, Organza and Cotton sarees need to be ironed properly, or else they will look very untidy.

If you are draping a saree to your office, be sure that you pin the pleats and the pallu smartly. It will make sure that a right fall of the saree as well as will make it more comfortable and manageable. For festive occasions, events and parties, you can leave the pallu loose because will provide a beautiful look.

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