Seeing The Light – Stunning New Trends in Interior Lighting

Choosing the right lighting for interior can totally transform the atmosphere of your home. There are a lot of new and exciting solutions from lighting suppliers to create an array of stunning effects. An article examining the latest new trends.

Using different or dramatic lighting in your home can really add to the ambience. Gone are the days of boring plain ceiling pendants   in their place lighting suppliers can offer a whole host of new and exciting options. So what are the hottest new trends?

Industrial Chic

This is the perfect trend to enhance any modern home. Inspired by factories and commercial properties, this lighting suits the current vogue for warehouse conversions and contemporary loft living. Lighting suppliers are using unusual materials such as aluminum and even concrete to create bold and dramatic lights. Halogen spotlights suspended on tracks of wire or even over-sized bare bulbs give an industrial feel that is utterly striking. Use frosted bulkhead lights for a sleek finish or even porthole-style lights set into the walls for a truly individual statement.

Contemporary materials such as brushed aluminum are key to this look

Use individual wall lights against plain or bare brick walls to illuminate pictures or artwork

Contemporary Opulence

To bring a luxurious feel to your home, fit some sumptuous chandeliers. The new opulence is far more accessible than the heavy gold chandeliers popular in years past, although these make a fabulous focal point for a room too. Contemporary chandeliers feature glass, crystals, beading and even fabric and are available in a range of colors. Choose black for a high-impact, Gothic feel or silver for an ultra-modern look. And you don’t have to stick to traditional candle bulbs   how about a modern star-burst chandelier featuring tiny lights on the ends of a multitude of splayed arms? These latest lights are a delightful combination of sculpture, decoration and illumination.

Use chandeliers in unexpected places for a surprising twist

Adding complementary wall lighting will enhance the effect and create dramatic patterns of light and shade

Innovative Effects

In addition to unusual and interesting light shades, there are a number of other ways to create a unique look. Coloured lights can totally transform a room, with cool blues giving a tranquil aura, purples adding a quirky party feel and oranges and yellows giving a warming glow. Coloured bulbs look great in any room, from kitchens to conservatories. Polycarbonate lights are bold and contemporary, or use coloured glass shades for a bohemian look. And if you can’t decide what colour to choose, what about colour-changing LED lights for a truly spectacular display? Installing lights with dimmer switches or programme is another way to change the atmosphere of a room, with lower lights giving a cozy, intimate feel.

  • Cluster different shapes, sizes and colors together for an eclectic look
  • Embrace technological innovations to create a truly individual ambiance
  • Whether you prefer sleek modernism or flamboyant opulence, the latest lighting trends have something to suits every interior.

Harry Wilson writes for a variety of home and lifestyle websites. An interiors expert with a passion for contemporary design, he uses product information from lighting suppliers such as to keep up with the latest trends.

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