The Right Sunglasses According To Your Face

In the modern times, Sunglasses are one of the most demanded accessories, and to fulfill the demand of people, many sunglass companies are manufacturing a variety of sunglasses. There are various brands of sunglasses in different prices and colors, are available, but you should pick out one that suits your face. Generally, people buy sunglasses as they want to imitate their favorite celebrity or film stars, but they should understand that different people have distinctive face features, and sunglasses should be chosen accordingly. You have also to keep in mind before purchasing any one that UV protection from sun rays is a must for the sunglasses. It is the best idea to go for branded one that have a rating of 100% in UVA and UVB protection.

To get a perfect sunless, you just need to find out your face shape and then choose an eyeglass frame that would look best on you. There are many types of shapes of faces like Round Face, Oval Face, Diamond Face, etc. that are not easy to understand. Below we have given some face shapes and type of frame that will suit the face cut.

  • Diamond Face Shape: If you have narrow eyes, a narrow jaw and a small forehead, then it means you have a diamond cut face. Therefore, you should go for sunglasses that will widen your forehead. Oversize frames are not for you, while oval or slightly curved square frames are best for you.
  • Oval Face Shape: Oval faces often can try out almost any kind of sunglasses. They have high cheekbones and narrow chins. Generally, people with oval faces should go in for the sunglasses that will suit their eyebrow shape or for eyeglass frame with a lot of depth.
  • Square Face Shape: People with square faces should wear rounded Ovals and over-sized or square shaped sunglasses, which make face look shorter and more balanced. Avoid squares and rectangle frames.
  • Long face Shape: People who have long faces should buy round glasses with wide frames to make their face look wider. Bright color frames can be adopted to increase the brightness of the face.
  • Round face Shape: If you have a rounded face, then squares, rectangles, angular or oval sunglasses do not suit round face because round glasses frame will make the face look fatter. Therefore, you should wear wide frame sunglasses with dark lenses.

Buying sunglasses online is a good idea as there are many famous eyewear brands in India that are selling their products online at affordable or discount price. These online shops also selling plenty of best eye lenses and sunglasses to the people. You can choose a right online store depending on the brand, quality and price.

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