Five tips to buy Sunglasses

Most people buy sunglasses depending on the tint and the frame they like however, there are other important things also that need to be kept in mind before buying. The purpose of sunglasses is to protect the eyes of the wearer from the harmful rays of the Sun, dust, smoke etc., and these are some basic necessities that must be taken into consideration before buying sunglasses.

Aside from being a protection for eyes, sunglasses also are a fashion statement and if you can both protection and style altogether, then it is a multi-faced advantage. Below are some tips that will help to select a perfect pair of glasses that gives you protection as well as style:

Look for UV Protection: Always look for the eye glasses which are provide 99-100 % UV protective. There are many kinds or type lenses that are capable of blocking UV rays, however you should check the label to make sure before buying. But, remember the ability of the lens against UV radiation cannot be determined by the color or price of the lens. For example, a dark colored lens does not essentially protect your eyes from Ultra Violet rays of the sun.

Choose a Right Color Sunglasses: Choose a designer sunglasses which will be best suited to your face. For example, light hues sunglasses are perfect for paler skins, silver and gold sunglasses are best for darker skin.

Frames: Choose a frame for sunglasses, that fits perfectly and suits your face. For example, light hue’s sunglasses are perfect for paler skins, silver and gold sunglasses are finest for darker skin. Some frames such as full rim sunglasses, half rim, rimless sunglasses, etc  can be preferred.

Look for Right Lenses: There are several shades and colors of lenses are available in the market with various brands such as Bausch & Lomb contact lenses, Johnson & Johnson contact lenses, etc. Grey and brown are the most popular colors among which brown colored lenses are good for flat lights, while grey are great in bright lights. Yellow color lenses are perfect in very low light conditions and usually perfect for people who do cycling in the evening.

Polarized Lenses: If you are living around water, snow or ice and spend most of time nearby then you must go for polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses reduce the glare and increase the definitions that enable you to even see the fish , when you are underwater. These lenses are best for almost all conditions but most required for water sports.



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