Conserve Fossil Fuels

We are continuously consuming fossil fuels -coal, oil and gas, and if this rate of use continues, then there will be one day when we will be left with absolutely no fuel for cooking or driving our vehicles etc. Therefore, there is utmost need to conserve the fossil fuels or at least optimize or reduce their consumption so as to make them last longer. It took thousands of years for the fuels to form and with the current rate at which they are getting exhausted, we will be left with nothing to run our power generators to produce electricity, or gas to cook our food.

We need to conserve fossil fuels because removing them from the planet can wreck the environment. Combustion of fossil fuels pollutes the environment especially the air which gets mixed with many toxic gases and chemicals released by burning oil, coal and gas etc.

It is estimated that if the demand for oil escalates continuously, our oil reserves would eventually run out of supply in about 50 years, coal reserves would deplete by the end of this century and by 2070, gas reserves would be depleted. Following are some ways that can reduce the burden on the fuel reserves and might help in the supply last longer:

Avoid using Plastic: Are you aware that most of the plastic bags that we used today are made from petroleum products. If there is no other choice or option, and then simply recycle them once done. Plastic bags can be reused so that whenever you go to any store or shop, you can use the same instead of taking new.

Choose And Use Alternate Transportation: Your vehicle consumes fossil fuels in order for the engines to work. However, selecting alternate sorts of transportation will save on the fossil fuel. You can take public transport like buses, train, etc., that also allow you to read or do other tasks. If driving your own car or any other vehicle is the only options, then make your vehicle energy-efficient as possible. Remember, replacing an older vehicle with a new one is an investment, which saves on usage of fossil fuels.

Always Turn Of Lights When Not Need: Many people forget to switch off the lights of their houses whenever they are going out for holidays, business trip or vacations unknowingly. The electricity that powers the homes is generated by burning coal. And unnecessary consumption of electricity increase the burden on power generating companies to generate more power by consuming more coal. Therefore, it is wiser to check and switch off any unnecessary light bulbs or other electrical appliances before leaving the house.

Consider Alternative Sources of Energy: We must look upon the renewable-energy sources of energy like wind and solar power. These sources can provided unlimited and clean amount of energy that is needed. Solar panels can be used to produce electricity, thus they replace coal. Solar powered cars and vehicles are also being developed. Solar energy can also be used for cooking and other tasks that require heat.

The above are some of the methods that might prolong the extinction of fossil fuels from the face of the earth. Renewable sources like sun and wind are excellent and efficient sources that provide clean power without harming the environment or ecosystem and will practically last forever. Thus, there is a need to take a step forward to reduce the burden on the earth and reduce the planet’s deterioration with time.

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