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Long gone are the days when entrepreneurs had to stick around in unsuitable markets. Now, the whole world is an investment opportunity. New businesses (especially startups with flexible strategies) have the freedom to pick the most promising economies. They can factor in graduate talent pools, the health of target industries, and current taxation rates.

Tech ventures, for instance, have become synonymous with South-east Asian cities like Singapore and Hong Kong Central. The governments here are supportive of foreign investment because it boosts the economy and helps graduates find work. Yet, Asia is not the only part of the world with much to offer, so those planning to expand should pick carefully.

This guide to some of the most promising destinations for entrepreneurs explains why Asia is just one of many paths to future success.


Singapore has long been a dream destination for investors and foreign business owners looking to expand overseas. It happens to be one of the richest countries on the planet, and it has a consistent, reliable political system, unlike some of its neighbours. Plus, there are no dividend or capital gains taxes levied on businesses here.

It is also home to plenty of high-tech virtual offices. These flexible, adaptable facilities are the ideal solution for companies looking to expand into Singapore because they minimise downtime. You can, literally, move right into these fully equipped workspaces. All of the resources (mailboxes, telephone lines, leisure areas, high-speed broadband) are instantly accessible.

The United States

These virtual workspaces can be found in many major cities across the United States as well. So, if Southeast Asia is too big a transformation of culture and customs, you could think about a move to America. Whether Chicago, Washington, Miami, or New York is your dream destination; you will find growing markets and competitive industries.

The workforce in the United States is one of the most skilled in the world. It is worth considering less high profile regions (as opposed to say, Silicon Valley) because the labour will be cheaper. Entrepreneurs can find a broad range of funding sources, depending on the nature of their business; angel investors, venture capitalists, and the banks can all help.

New Zealand

You might not know this, but it takes just twenty-four hours to register a business in New Zealand. It takes only two days to register a property. So, this is a place where things move fast for entrepreneurs. The country offers a talented graduate pool, low labour costs, and a distinct lack of social security and capital gains taxes.

New Zealand has earned its reputation as one of the easiest places to set up a company. It may be small, but the relative isolation of the markets means that, if you go big here, you go big nationwide. Trends, crazes, and fads regularly storm the island. In fact, lots of products and cultural phenomena have continued to be big in New Zealand even after America and Europe have moved on.

How to Use Virtual Offices for Overseas Expansion

The unique thing about virtual offices is that they are accessible on a complete and comprehensive basis. In other words, there’s no need to spend a long time setting up a new base in a new country. It becomes possible to hit the ground running and start making money as soon you arrive with a ‘pay as you go’ workspace.

The rates and terms are negotiable, so you do not have to agree to any lock in commitments. Many smaller businesses and entrepreneurial duos start out in a virtual office and use it as a temporary base while they build their official home. Alternatively, they stick with the same provider and make the transition into a private serviced suite, with similarly flexible terms.

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