How to get more visits on Youtube

Everyone knows that YouTube has been acquired by Google, but not many know that google is the second choice of people as a search engine for videos. Unfortunately, people do not optimize their videos for SEO purposes because they focus more on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

YouTube is the choice!

According to a survey “The Future” IT company, of 4,014 teenagers about 50% are using facebook, and among them and about 4.5% of them decided to move from Facebook to YouTube, reducing Facebook users to 45.2%.

If your video is not getting the viewers as expected, then you need to think about some strategies that would make your YouTube SEO friendly by using the keyword not only in video title, but in the description as well.

Placing the main keyword in the Tag is also a clever trick and in fact, YouTube allows users to add tags to uploaded video but, as the number of tags are limited, use only the appropriate or better ranking keywords.

Interesting and attractive video though would seek the attention of the audience, but unique video is the key to increasing popularity. It would be an advantage if you can post a video that is different and no other similar video has been posted earlier. An image is worth a thousand words, and a video a collection of thousands of images. Therefore, videos are becoming popular as it is easier to watch a video than reading the content. You can use Social Media for getting more exposure to your video and you can Buy YouTube Views to attract more visitors.

YouTube – the secret behind popularity

There are a number of other video sharing websites some of them are even big names such as MetaCafe, Yahoo Video or Viddler, but no one knows the secret behind the rising popularity of YouTube. Perhaps, Google keeps the success recipe in a strong locked safe.

How to upload video to YouTube?

The process of uploading new video to google is hassle free and user friendly. First, you have to register at youtube website and after logging in you can click on Upload Video button. Depending in your internet speed, the video will be uploaded. YouTube supports most of the video formats available today along with a number of devices that can be attached to upload videos as you can even use your cell phone or web cam to record videos. You might need some video editing software that can be downloaded even for free to make some modifications to your video.

Remember, the quality of video is an important factor to attract visitors.


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