5 Cosmetic Treatments Probably You Don’t Know About

Hair Transplants For Beard

If you have a baby face and wish you could change a thicker, fuller goatee, sideburns, moustache or just a thicker beard, then you no need to worry at all as plastic surgeons have the answer for this. You can get a hair transplant for facial hair, and there is a huge demand for this type of cosmetic treatment. The tucks, nips and quick fixes of the past have gotten progressively more complex, and recovery times are less than they used to be.  At the present moment, if anyone looks into the mirror and don’t like what he see,  then chances are a cosmetic surgeon can fix it easily.

Fat Transfer Treatment

There are many men who wish to take fat from one area of their body and move it to another area, so good news for them is their wish can be granted now. Fat transfer has been around for some time and becoming more and more popular options to both anti-ageing and implant treatments. Traditionally, it is removed from chosen areas, usually thighs and stomach by minimally-invasive forms of liposuction and refined before it is transferred to the bum, hands, breasts or even face for a subtle solution to lack of volume without any need for surgery.

Moustache Implants Treatment

Do you know that donning a moustache dignified wise, masculine and mature in Middle East? Yes, it is true. Surgeons will remove hair from other parts of your body and implant it on your upper lip. A surgeon of cosmetic surgery Belfast told that he performed more than 70 transplants a month for patients who travel to Northern Ireland from other parts of the United Kingdom. If you can avoid shaving about in two weeks following the procedure, you could see full results in within 6 months.

Liquid Facelift

This treatment can provide a great alternative to a traditional surgical facelift for  people who are looking quick improvement or those looking to avoid surgery entirely. Liquid Facelift is best for younger people who are not  in need of surgical improvement, but would still like to improve early marks of facial aging.

Varicose Veins Treatment In The Scrotum

According to a report by Nwih.co.uk “It is one of most lesser known conditions than a lesser known treatment,  and varicose veins on the scrotum are not only unpleasant to look at, but can  cause swelling, pain and even infertility.  Treatment to rid of varicose veins in the scrotum is safe and speedy (generally taking around 1 and half hours with no hospital stay required later). The treatment consists of a method called embolisation that uses X-ray and ultrasound scans to position a  tiny catheter into the problem vein, and causing it to clot and collapse.

If you have had any procedure listed below,please share your experience.

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