How Angulation & Directions are Important in Graft Placement

The hair transplantations are an art and science of cosmetic surgery procedure that requires the aesthetic skills and knowledge to insert the graft correctively on the recipient zone results in aesthetic hair transplant outcomes. The aesthetic skills and expertise of Surgeons in this regard taken as the most valuable aspect of the hair transplantation. It is mandatory to choose those Surgeons/Doctors, who are expertise in placing the grafts more aesthetically matched with the natural hairline design so that the patient get the head full of hair with totally aesthetic hair transplant results.

The hair transplant is the procedure of changing the location of grafts/follicular units from the donor area to the recipient one in such a manner that the patient gets the densely-packed hair of all aesthetic and natural effects in terms of natural hairline design.

It is very important to know some facts and information regarding the patient’s health status before going to operate them for hair transplant surgery and that is what which weigh the value of pre-operative checkups and also the post-operative follow-ups that reassure a patient in terms of getting the aesthetic hair transplant outcomes.

Hair Transplant Desing & Aesthetics

The judgmental aspect that a Surgeon/Doctor analyse before the hair transplantation to get the best results are jotted down below:

  • How to distribute the limited donor hair to get the best outcomes since the availability of donor hairs on the scalp are in limited proportion
  • How to design the hairline to offer the natural looks to the patient
  • When and how to restore the crown area
  • What is the type of patients hairs in terms of their anatomy and physiologic structures

The above-mentioned aspect decides the art and science of the hair restoration that a Surgeon must think with their skills, knowledge and expertise to offer the natural hairline design with all aesthetic effect of the hair transplant procedure.

Prelude to Follicular Units Placement

The pre-procedural steps of Graft Placement are jotted down below:

  • Initial Consultation

An initial consultation with the Surgeon & patient is required to know about the patient’s confirmation regarding the opted technique of hair transplant as the two main techniques of FUT and FUE hair transplants are relevant.

  • Examination of Patient’s Health Status

It is mandatory to do proper pre-check ups to know about the causes of hair loss and the patient’s scalp condition. The details of the family history regarding Androgenic alopecia are required to cure the disease and other tests, including blood tests, and BP checkups, etc., are also required.

  • An interpersonal Communication Between Patient & Surgeon

It is very important to have a vital talk between patient and surgeon regarding the desired outcomes of the hair transplantation as well as the rational expectations of the patients should be answered by the Surgeon.

  • Pre-planning for the transplantation Procedure

The pre-planning for the hair transplant requires a vital talk with the patient to let them inform about the session duration, whether it is of a single or double as per the NW class of baldness.

  • Harvesting the Graft from Safe Donor Zone

It is mandatory to harvest the graft from safe donor portion to offer the lifelong sustainable hair roots that are free from the effect of DHT (Di-hydro Testosterone) at the back and sides of the scalp containing these hair roots termed as a safe donor zone.

Graft Placement

Graft placement is a final step of hair transplantation that requires the aesthetic and surgical skills and the hand of an expert surgeon who can perform it in a very well manner to get the best outcomes. In a compact way, we can say that it is the process of showing the great cosmetic sense during the hair transplantation by the Surgeon’s side.

Graft/hair roots/Follicular units are inserted into small incisions on the scalp in such a manner that the hair roots will fit accordingly to support the natural regrown of hair roots. The Surgeon makes the incision correctly according to the exact angulation and direction so that the follicles will regrow naturally. The placement of the graft in a single session involves a number of follicles range from the hundred to thousands that require the presence of mind and exact aesthetic skills to offer the great natural outcomes. The incision must be sized correctively to assure you about the exact size for the graft implantation to get the success of natural hairline direction and design.

Postoperative Week of Graft Placement

  • Adequate Discomfort Control

It is important to do a follow-up of the patient to check the status of the scalp just after one week of the procedure. It is very normal to have less pain or numbness of the scalp as it is corrected by the simple medications prescribed by the Physicians/Surgeons.

  • Instructions for the Patient

It is advisable to do follow some instructions as recommend by your Surgeon as per your health status and scalp condition to reassure about the success of outcomes.

  • A Wound care Follow-up & Examination of Transplanted Grafts

After the procedure of hair transplant, it is advisable to come for the follow-up check-up so that the Surgeon can examine the transplanted grafts and also can advise some medications if the pain or discomfort are persisting.


On the whole, we can say that the graft placement procedure is as important as the graft dissection and extraction in order to get the aesthetic outcomes. Graft extraction and dissection requires the external source of perfections in terms of equipment and technologies, whereas graft placement needs an in-depth aesthetic sense and skills to insert them correctively to get the best hair transplant results.

About Author :

This article is written by Prema Jha, a hair transplant consultant giving contributions to the Medispa hair transplant centre, Jaipur & New Delhi, a World’s top hair transplant centre in India. Hair transplant in India is getting famous due to the modest cost and best facilities that attract the clients from all over the world.

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