Green And Raw Salad Before Meals Works As An Appetizer

pure veg restaurantYou may have been to numerous vegetarian restaurants in Delhi and indeed would have tasted almost all the dishes mentioned on their menu. But how often you have savoured on varieties of Salads these restaurants have to offer. The kind of Salads that elite restaurants have in their menu are:  green salads, macaroni salads, bean salads, pasta salads, quinoa salads and etc. These salads are a mix of various vegetables and fruits specially the seasonal ones, so these salads contain low-fat and are high on fiber. Many people believe having salad before a meal acts as an appetizer.

Bean Salad Recipes

Besides the normal and boring bean salad, go through some new and innovative salad recipes by using fresh green soy beans, black beans, kidney beans. This fusion is surely going to give your taste buds an awesome experience that you will remember forever and would want to try every now and then.

Salads with Green herbs

The term Salad is synonymous with fresh green vegetables and fruits. In this category you will have spinach salad, arugula salad, and green salad with lettuce (romaine, mixed greens, and ice berg). These green herbs before meal will certainly provide you with a balance diet.

Salads with Pasta

Most of us think that Pasta and macaroni salads do not have varieties, but this is not true at all. As it can be served as a side dish or can be eaten as light diet at any point in time. And apart from that Pasta salad is key food stuff for any picnic and other outdoor outing.

Salads with Potato

This seems almost appropriate for vegetarians in taste and as well as quantity. Potato salads go with veg-burgers and sandwiches. This salad can be a preference when you plan any picnic, bonfire, and barbecue etc. Usually blamed from its fatty content, this potato salad contains less calories and more nutrition. To try something new, try out plenty of vegan potato salad that consist German-style potato salad, American deli-style potato salads, healthy potato salads without any fat contents.

Salads that are Grilled

Grilled salad does not necessarily mean it is some non-vegetarian food. But, it doesn’t contain any form of chicken, mutton, beef or any sorts of animal flesh. These are replaced with Tofu (a kind of cheese made from soya beans) and other things like lettuce, endive, romaine hearts, chard or cabbage.

Salad from Grains (rice, wheat and quinoa)

Rice salad and quinoa salad are getting quite famous among people across countries, but did you ever think about experimenting with some other grain like whole wheat? You can relish your huger with Wheat berry salad, barley salad, wild rice salad and orzo salads. These salads are really delicious and quite filling. The other variety of grain salad is Middle Eastern tabbouleh that is conventionally made with bulgur wheat; however it can be made with any other grain.

Salad made of Raw food

To eat the tastiest and healthiest salad before your meal, go with a raw food salad recipe. It is full of fresh raw ingredients that are neither cooked nor processed. These raw salads are seasoned with an assortment of fresh aromatic plants, ground spices and cold pressed oils to provide you with a light, simply digestible banquet that in return rejuvenate your body without making you feel heavy after the meal.

There are only a few pure veg restaurants in Delhi which offer these delicious salads enriched with vitamins, protein, and fiber etc.

Hariom Balhara is an avid traveler and foody, he makes his living out of travelling and writing. While writing this piece he was eating out in one of the pure vegetarian restaurants. Whenever he comes to New Delhi he stays in this very restaurant.


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