Online Gaming Tips – How to Become a Pro Gamer in 5 (not so) Easy Steps

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Every gamer’s dream is to become rich and famous for playing online games. Although it sounds highly unlikely, playing for a living is now a possibility. Professional gamers are now considered athletes by the US Government, earning thousands of dollars a year depending on the popularity of the game they play. Professional gamers are also treated like celebrities with Interviews, tarpaulins, sponsorships, freebies and not to mention great travelling opportunities. It’s all part of the deal!

How can you be one of them? Here are some not so easy steps to follow:

Find your game

There are several online games played in the international tournaments but you have to choose which game will best suit you. Just like choosing a sport depending on your capability and strengths, choosing your game is just as important. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Are you an archer? A knight? Are you a leader or a follower? Cultivate your strengths and develop your weaknesses to make it an asset.

Build your team

Since most of the professional games are in teams, it is important that you choose teammates that you can work well with. They should also complement your skills so that every part of your forte is strong. Remember that a team is only as good as their weakest member, so choose wisely. The playing attitudes are also important. Pressure and anxiety could disband the team if members are not tightly bonded.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice is always part of success. Practice with the team. This will make each member familiar with each other’s skills and characters. Do not be afraid to fight against stronger teams, there is no such thing as failure if you learned something. Take notes of what caused failure and work on that area. Challenge the team to increase the level of skills and take every defeat a learning process.

The stakes are high for every game that a pro gamer plays. It’s very much similar with football betting or other online gambling games because real money is involved. When you’re at that level, then you’ll have no choice but to practice like there’s no tomorrow so you’ll end-up the victor once the game ends!

Get noticed

This might be the hardest part. To get the attention of the big people, you have to climb your way up. Play in tournaments and show how good you are. Play online. Most of the big e-athletes started in playing online tournaments. Make your mark. Let people and opponents remember you and your team. As you climb your way up the success ladder, remember to keep your feet on the ground.

Some e-athletes are born

To be the best you have to beat the best, which will require physical and mental strength. Not everyone can make hundreds of moves per minute and not get strained for it. It is almost superhuman action and reaction.

Indeed pro gaming is a big league made for the toughest and the best. However, you can start down below and into your way up when you keep practicing. Remember that not everyone is made to be a pro gamer. If it is that easy, many people would have been making money out of online gaming by now.

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