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    Djeff Panok Kamagra

    I’m a “professional web developer”. For over 10 years, I’ve developed browser-based, database applications. I started my programming career writing client-server apps with PL/B. I moved to CGI web apps using PL/B. Then I moved to ASP/VBScript and SQL Server for web dev. When ASP.NET came on the scene, I barfed, then I moved to PHP/MySQL. I really, really, love PHP compared to what I’ve known before. I’ve never worked with Java web dev.

    Here’s one thing I can tell you. As a “PHP programmer”, many people won’t consider you a “real programmer”–even though the langauge is very OO. In my PHP apps, I write classes, I use inheritance, I interact with external libraries and databases, and most all the other programming constructs used by all programmers. But for whatever reason, people see that you develop web applications, and they think “Oh, you create websites…your an HTML guy.” (Can you tell I’m frustrated by this?! :))

    Java will allow you to make more money and as stated earlier, you can write desktop apps as well as web apps with Java. As a Java programmer you can be a “real programmer”. 😉

    I don’t think the Java guys can argue that PHP–for a beginner–will be much faster to get the hang of. I also think a beginner will be able to figure out how to configure the server environment for PHP quicker than JSP. PHP can also be used to do your server shell scripting. I enjoy the fact I can use the same language to write my web apps as I use to write advanced shell scripts to manage my hosting business. (To my knowledge, you can’t use Java to write *nix shell scripts….am I wrong? It has happened before…once. :))

    I think the fact that Oracle now includes PHP in their products speak strongly that PHP is a respectable path.

    I’m not saying PHP is better than Java. They both have some reasons why you may choose one over the other.

    By the way, ASP.NET for web dev has some of the same benefits of the Java path in that the languages you use to develop ASP.NET apps can also be used to develop desktop apps. It’s “real programming”. Most people use either VB.NET or C# to write ASP.NET apps. Those 2 languages can also be used to develop Window’s services and rich desktop apps. PS: I hate .NET

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    You’re absolutly right. PHP rulez

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    Great stuff thanks!

    but i would add that to be a developer you couldnt just depend on php, you would have to mix it with some other language.. Sql html java

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    i have had some prior experience with dotnet and java and honestly, this is the first time I have found the might of PHP. And I sure do feel like diving into PHP ocean someday.

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    JavaOne India 2013 returns..!!

    Hi, I also deveklope fr java,… Java is a very easy to use language once u get a hold of it…. if
    anyone is a beginner in java then they should attend some interesting java
    focused conferences which gives a huge knowledge abt the language nd very
    interesting, easy tips nd tricks which are very useful… few of the famous
    java conferences are Javapolis (devox), JavaOne, and recently i received a mail
    from oracle regarding their JavaOne conference..They have many interesting sessions lined up fr this year… you can take a look at their sessions related topics here: https://www.regpulse.com/javaone2013/register.php?pcode=737266&src=4003&Act=1

    I myself hoping to attend several sessions about Core Java Platform; JavaFX, Java
    Embedded, and Java Card and many more.

    I guess m sharing it here coz It’s the best place to learn about what’s new
    and what’s next, see the latest from Oracle and our partners, connect with
    peers, and meet with experts…
    There are many topics covering Java SE,
    JavaFX, also few sessions on building mobile and embedded Java applications
    targeting next-generation smart devices.. Java EE–based enterprise solutions

    Developing with the latest Oracle database
    technology, business applications in the cloud securely..

    Hope u enjoy

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    hai sir.. iam sahithi i have completed b.tech(CSE)-2012 with 76%.. i have learned the courses core nd advanced java.. and there is less no. of openings for fresher as java developer. and iam trying to start my career with php and i want to do real time projects.. is it better to choose php dev as profession..
    Thank you..

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    Well, the only thing to note here is php is easy to learn even a 12 yr kid can learn it,so you will find a lot of competition when you put step in IT market.

    I am not saying its not good,in fact i just loved this language more than any of those i have learned in past.

    If you are learning it for fun its good for you, but if you are learning it for making some dime, pray you.. just leave it.

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    I am student of PHP and I think there is nothing could complete on internet without PHP, JAVA is used only for scripting, maybe I am not users and have no experience of it more but I think PHP is complete language.

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    Which one is the better java , .net ,php with reason plz give me right sugg. Guyz


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