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Let me share some of the interesting facts about with you. officially went live on 21st august 2011 an it soon become so popular that it was rated among top 20000 websites on the Internet in just a short span of time. The popularity was immense and we were all happy with the immense popularity.  It was party time for everybody here at  Let me tell you the popularity of was because of the hard work and team effort. We have now reached stage 2 of its popularity where we are planning new website and platform for the users.

Just before we are were planning to redevelop the website,  our development and analytics team planned to do a comprehensive analysis of version 1 of website and here is what we found out. You would definitely love to read it out.

  • Total  Articles: 125,000 articles
  • Total Approved Articles: 3,700 articles
  • Approvals per day: 26 articles/day
  • Total Users: 68,520 users
  • Banned Users: 3,598 users
  • New Users each Day: 310 users
  • Total comments: 4,065 comments
  • Total Categories: 209
  • Average Monthly revenue: $5,000 /month

Obviously we had to input huge efforts and costs in order to achieve the popularity we achieved.  Below i would like to share the expenses associated with every month. Here is what we invested in the website to handle the traffic and popularity.

  • Dedicated Server: $250 /month from Apoto Hosting
  • Development Time: $200/month (Contractual Basis)
  • SEO Services: $ 499.97 / month from Outshine Solutions
  • Content Writing: $0 /month (free volunteers write for site)
  • Inhouse Staff: $ 300/ month (remote location)
  • Miscellaneous expenses: $100/ month (banners, images etc)

So that counts to the total expenses of  $1349.97/ month which i have to bear it anyhow. Total profit made by the website is on an average $3650/month. Since this is a not for profit website, all the revenue generated by this website goes to social work and funding open source projects.  Fortunately, this site brings in enough revenue for  paying the expenses and still i am left with some amount of profit which i can donate and help another projects. If you want to know anything extra, please leave your comment.

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