How to setup your mini pc?

Recently,the most poupular electronic products is a mini computer in your pocket,it even appeared in many professional Electronic News Homepage.Everyone was shocked when it appeared in the eyes of the people,This little guys is really very small!No,it should be the world’s smallest computer.Trouble appeared when a lot of people out of curiosity th the online store to buy it !You don’t know how to setup your andriod mini pc ,you can’t make it noraml to work for you ,you can’t play the game,not watching movies,or even you can’t log into you favorite Facebook page……So,how can I let the little guys listen to me?

First,the Android Mini PC comes ready to go out of the box. To get started, you first use the bundled mini HDMI-to-HDMI cable to connect to a Television or monitor. If your monitor does not have an HDMI port you possibly can constantly decide to buy an HDMI-to-DVI adapter. Just be certain you configure your screen’s input settings to accept YPbPr color as opposed to RGB or you might get weird colors.

Just after connecting to the monitor, you will need to attach some sort of input device, preferably both a mouse and a keyboard or perhaps a keyboard that has a touchpad built-in. Considering that there’s only 1 accessible USB port, you are going to wish to either attach a hub, a keyboard using a pass-through or even a wireless keyboard/mouse set that uses a single dongle.

Those who plan to utilize the Mini Pc primarily as a set-top box can prefer a palm-size keyboard remote such as the Logitech DiNovo Mini or Visiontek Candy Board. In our testing, we used a Verbatim Mini Wireless Slim keyboard/mouse combo.

To power on the Android 4.0 Mini Pc, you will need to attach its mini USB port to a USB power source. You are able to use the bundled mini USB-to-USB cable to plug into either a powered port on one more device, for example a hub, or you’re able to get your own personal USB-to-AC adapter, as none is included.

Since the Android Mini Pc has no power switch, the moment you plug it in it boots to Ice Cream Sandwich, a method that took 1 minute and 7 seconds. That’s sensible for an Android get started time, but hoped for greater. When we began the device for the initial time, it booted straight for the regular Ice Cream Sandwich desktop. Only when we wanted to use Gmail or Google Play market place were we asked to enter our Google account credentials.

Yet, prior to you do something else, you are going to desire to go to the settings menu and configure your Wi-Fi connection, as the internal MK802.11b/g/n wireless card delivers the Mini PC’s connection to the Online.

Finally, you need to be equipped with efficient 2.4G wireless ultra-thin mouse or keyboard, you can surf the Internet, browse the gossip, office, chat…… Instantly upgrade your living room to the digital frontier, you don’t have a computer, television, mobile phone screenshuttle between the choice of comfort in sitting on the sofa, everything is at hand!

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