Three “Must Haves” For Workers In Construction Site

“Safety is not a part-time practice, it is a full time job”. Safety at the workplace is very essential if someone gets injured or get any kind of health problems, it is not only bad for the person but, for the company also as it can affect the company’s performance, production and profit. We all are aware of the fact that accidents, injuries and illness are a prone to happen in a workplace, particularly within the construction sites. However, most of the construction site mishaps and injuries are easily preventable because they usually happen due to using faulty construction equipment or no safety gear. There are several important things in the construction industry that everyone should know of while working, but the major must haves are listed below:

Protective eye equipments: Do you know “Why protective eye equipments like safety glasses or goggles are very important to wear?” Because they protect our eyes from debris, fumes and sparks. More than 800,000 eye injuries happen every year, and more than 15 % of these injuries cause permanent damage. However, more than 90% injuries can be prevented by wearing glasses. Glasses and goggles are important safety tools from workers as they can prevent burns from flame or sparks as they can damage to the eyes from debris.

Protective gloves: Wearing gloves is very important while working, especially if you work in the Construction, Manufacturing industry, Food and Energy industry because, more than 20% of all workplace injuries or accidents involve hand injuries. Wearing gloves can protect the hands from burns (either by chemicals or fire), scrapes, cuts or lacerations from flame or chemicals.

Hard hats:  The most important safety equipment on construction sites because they can save and protect your head, neck or face from a falling splash, spills, drips or any falling object. We all know that our head is the most vulnerable part of our body when it comes to bumps, knocks or dropped weights. Hard hats are also useful for employers from a practical point of view that is if all the workers wear hard hat then the number of injuries caused by falling object on the head will be reduced, and the employer will be saved from potential legal ramifications of safety failure, but employers have a “Duty of Care” to assure the safety of workers and employees. Employers should also provide safety training to their workers so that they can prevent most of the preventable accidents and injuries.

Other important safety equipment that every worker must wear if working with dangerous machinery or equipment are face shields, sweatbands, safety boots and clothes.  Workers can get such good knowledge about safety and health  by choosing proper certifications from the list of nebosh certificates.

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