Digital Education: Makes Teaching and Learning Easy and More Engaging

According to a new report, “Of the 90% of students using digital learning materials at home, two-thirds of them start by age 5. About 75% of teachers use digital learning materials to engage their students”

Digital learning refers to E-learning and makes the end-to-end process of teaching and learning easy as well as more engaging. There are several technologies used to facilitate digital learning, for example- Audio, video, tablets, mobile devices, computers, webcams, Whiteboards, Combining technology, Screen-casting, Electronic performance support systems (EPSS), Virtual classroom, Learning management system, content management system, Computer-aided assessment and so on. There are many schools like Ecole Globale, International school in India that have been recognized as leading schools for their application of technology in teaching and learning.

Digital Learning brings about an absolute transformation in classrooms. For example- The Science teacher while explaining how a DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) replicates is able to show the students a 3D animation of the DNA replication process on a big screen. The teacher can explain the points of the process, he or she can zoom in to show the relevant visuals freeze as well as can annotate when and where the teacher needs to emphasize. The digital world is huge, there is no boundary, and Theses schools are committed to evolving and adapting as change happens so that their students get the best education that will help them develop into thoughtful intelligent and well-rounded people.

Different types of digital learning materials used in the classroom and the most common are apps (64%), websites (57%), online educational videos (70%) games (52 percent). Almost 90% students use digital learning materials outside of the classroom, particularly at home. About 75% students are interested in spending time outside the classroom on subjects and topics they cover in class. Teachers and Parents support this interest, with 90% of parents and 85% of teachers are fascinated in having more digital content available at home to supplement what’s being taught in school.

Benefits of digital education

Classroom teachings and learning have become more interactive with digital education. Students tend to be more attentive and they are not only listening but viewing it on the large screen which makes their learning more effective and fun.

  • Interactive online presentations in educational content through interactive screen time help the scholars to pay more attention to details which let them complete their activities on their own.
  • Active online screen time helps them develop language skills. Also, students learn new words and expand their vocabulary by reading eBooks or accessing study materials online. Using tabs or laptops rather than pens and pencils, motivates them to do their work quickly.
  • Many students hesitate to ask questions to their teachers in classroom training. But, they can attend the recorded sessions to clear their doubts with digital education, even if they do not understand anything at one go. One of the best things about digital learning is it is user-friendly. That means students can well access their curriculum wherever they are. They can learn on the go and can access the class notes and download files from the school site even if you miss certain classes.
  • These days online study materials are easily available. So, you can access exclusive online study modules of respective subjects, which help you to enhance your knowledge even without an educator. Also, you can even further connect with distant counselors and faculty to resolve queries with online education.

Digital learning can boost your motivation. Digital education powers continuous feedback from content-embedded assessment, simulations, adaptive learning, and games. When you can track your own progress, it can improve motivation. Digital learning also powers collaboration and its allow students to produce professional quality products as well as to share them with public audiences.

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