How are Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Essay and SEO Copy-Writing, Different?

Writing needs in-depth knowledge and skills, and the success of any writer depends on the authenticity and quality of the content. Most of the writing styles follow a particular format, while some like content writing do not follow any guidelines. There are various kinds writing so that always know what style of writing you’re being asked to write to suit the aim because it will build your writing better. Some of the popular writing styles are:


Creative writing: Creative writing is something where the main aim is to express feelings, ideas emotions and thought instead of simply convey information. It is one of the terribly fine arts of making things up in the most engaging and convincing ways. Some things that are usually not creative writing include textbook writing, technical writing, academic writing and journalism writing. Poems, novels, epics, screenplays, songs, television scripts and short stories are great examples of creative writing. Creative writing can be artistic, symbolic, ambiguous and figurative. You must be excellent in English Grammar and basic knowledge of internet and computers / laptops.


Technical Writing: Technical Writing defines as “Simplifying the Complex” is all about communicating some useful information in an easy way to the intended audience. Generally, technical writers’ installation guides, make product user manuals, presentation documents, online tutorials and installation. Career in technical writing is great for those who are passionate about writing, technically sound and can easily describe any topic related to Information Technology and computers. The main aim of technical writing is to provide or assist people with understanding more about a specific item such as mobile, computer / laptop or a new piece of technology. The language used in technical writing should be direct and straight to the point, and the writer must avoid those words that people do not understand.


SEO Copywriting: Lots of people are confused about copy-writing’ so that before explaining SEO copy-writing, we are going to explain copy-writing first. It is also known as business writing, in especially any ‘copy’ that is used in marketing. Copy words include every word on websites, product brochures, in advertisement. People who write copy must be highly skilled and knowledgeable as well as must have marketing knowledge. However, SEO copy-writing is a mix of copy and specific keywords, and keywords should be used in the right way in the right places on your website. Keywords should not use so often as they can make the copy uncomfortable to read for visitors. Whenever, visitors will come to your site will scan your copy searching for specific keywords too. It will help them to look if your website offering the products and services, which they are looking for.


Essay Writing:  Students will be asked to write an essay on several occasions throughout their academic career because essays are shorter pieces of writing and often need students to hone a variety of skills including reading, conciseness, clarity and comparison. It can be a challenging and rewarding form of writing, which requires previous planning, practice and creativity. A good essay must consist an introductory paragraph in which you should clearly state the subject to be discussed, a main body in which every single point must clearly state in separate paragraphs and a closing paragraph that is summarizing the main points of your essay.

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